Home & Garden


Plant the Seeds to Grow Your Revenue

When shopping online for plants, it is all in the details. With difficult names to spell and thousands of varieties to choose from, helping shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for is your top priority. But don’t stop there. The opportunities for cross-sell and upsell are blooming in your industry. Anticipate each shopper’s vision and plant relevant product suggestions to make your business blossom.

Win More Online Customers. Get the Hardware, Appliances & Tools Industry Brief.

Design an Extraordinary Shopping Experience

Delight homeowners by crafting a seamless on-site search experience that makes it easier than ever to showcase relevant products and promotions. Using SLI you can:

  • Return only the most relevant search results based on user data and queries
  • Account for misspellings and synonyms with Rich Auto Complete™
  • Automatically generate product-specific landing pages with corresponding banners and promotions
  • Boost your site’s SEO profile by creating optimized landing pages designed to drive revenue and ROI
  • Easily incorporate how-to guides and instructional videos to keep your customers engaged and coming back for more

Home and garden sites carry an astounding array of products and face competition at every turn. SLI Systems gives you the tools you need to drive customers to your site, walk them through a delightful shopping experience, and tap into every opportunity to increase your revenue.