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for E-commerce Sites

Merchandising is at the heart of any great retailing experience. Providing customers with a shopping experience that presents your products in the best way possible is critical to retail success. SLI’s comprehensive merchandising features allow brand managers to easily promote, cross-sell and highlight specific brands or products via our intuitive console.

  • Create custom landing pages with editable URLs and tagging for promotions and SEO that drive clicks and conversions
  • Deploy targeted pages on web, mobile, social media, email or pay-per-click campaigns
  • Allow merchandisers to quickly respond to promotional opportunities – no IT support needed

Powerful Merchandising That Drives Sales
Our search and merchandising features help increase average cart size, profit margins and overall conversion rates by featuring the right products or promotions at the right time. Features such as synonyms, tuning rules and banners improve visitors’ ability to find what they are looking for and give brand managers the flexibility to strategically promote certain products.

SLI Landing Page Creator
SLI Landing Page CreatorTM lets you quickly create custom landing pages for promotions and SEO, all within a simple drag-and-drop interface. Tailor merchandising experiences to customers with targeted content and promotions accessible from mobile, social and email. Empower your merchandising team to make quick merchandising decisions and track the success of campaigns with real-time reporting and analytics. To learn more, download the Landing Page CreatorTM Product Brief.

Analytics to Drive Your Business Success
SLI’s reporting console displays shopper behavior data in both big-picture and granular reports, so you can easily track campaigns, see which keyword searches are trending, plan promotions and aid pay-per-click advertising programs. This information helps you understand how customers engage with your site, and it provides the knowledge you need to plan and monitor the success of future marketing campaigns.

Merchandising “No Results Found”
Ever search for a product and find “no results”? Instead of taking your customers to a dead end, show customers popular or on-sale products on the "No Results Found" page.

Download the Landing Page Creator Product Brief and Merchandising White Paper.