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Merchandising & Reporting

Merchandising and Reporting for E-commerce Sites

SLI Systems gives you the tools you need to stay ahead of e-commerce trends. We make it easy to promote products and analyze results using the SLI Merchandising and Reporting Console.

  • Quickly launch or edit promotions without the need for IT support
  • Easily create custom landing pages for use in web, mobile, social or pay-per-click campaigns
  • View performance at a glance with your SLI Dashboard

Empower Your Merchandising Team
Features such as a synonym creator, tuning rules, merchandising banners and the drag-and-drop SLI Landing Page CreatorTM make it easy for brand managers to improve the customer experience and boost profits.

Use Analytics to Drive Success
The SLI Dashboard and detailed reports allow you to monitor customer behavior and e-commerce performance. Rich analytics provide the knowledge you need to plan successful marketing and merchandising campaigns.

Learn more from the Landing Page Creator Product Brief and Merchandising White Paper.