Technology allows us to connect with anyone anywhere more easily than ever before, but there’s still something special about face-to-face meetings. The quality of communication is better when you meet someone physically, and that enhanced connection continues long after the in-person meeting.

My theory is that you form a more complete mental model of an individual when you meet them in person and that model improves your future communication, whether it’s on the phone, via email or on a video conference. We see this time and time again when SLI team members visit each other in our global offices, and it’s why I’m excited to be traveling to Seattle next week for our customer summit, SLI Connect.

We held our inaugural customer summit in London earlier this year and it had a wonderful feeling of community. We intend to replicate this in Seattle. SLI Connect will give our customers the opportunity to plan strategies, learn from peers and give direct feedback to members of the SLI executive team.

An Invitation to Connect

We planned SLI Connect to coincide with 2014. So, after you’ve networked with thousands of your peers at and are teeming with inspiring e-commerce solutions and ideas, you can connect with SLI, face-to-face, to start putting those ideas to work. You’ll have the opportunity to strategize with your customer success manager and account manager on how to increase your online sales. You’ll hear how your peers have done this already and how SLI can help. You’ll be able to give us direct insight into your upcoming priorities and get a sneak peek into our product roadmap.

I hope you can join us for this full day of valuable insights as we continue to build and foster SLI’s growing community of more than 800 e-commerce sites.

Here’s the Who, What, When, Where and How of SLI Connect:

WHO/WHAT: SLI Connect is a day of learning and sharing ways to accelerate your e-commerce strategy and sales through the holiday season and into 2015. The full-day agenda includes:

  • E-commerce trends talk with SLI CEO Shaun Ryan and SLI CTO Wayne Munro
  • Industry panel with Alicia Fiorletta, editor of Retail Touchpoints
  • Retailer presentations with best practices for site search, navigation, SEO, mobile and more:
    • Sam Sarullo of Lakeshore Learning talks about how SLI helped Lakeshore increase online sales by 30%
    • Lisa Dahlke of Silver Star Brands shares how Silver Star uses SLI to help customers find products from their tens of thousands of SKUs
  • Sneak peek into the SLI product roadmap
  • Drinks, dining, interactive discussions and plenty of networking

WHEN: Thurs, October 2, 2014 – after (kick-off dinner the prior evening of Oct 1)

WHERE: The Hyatt Olive 8 at 1635 8th Ave in downtown Seattle

HOW: Click here to secure your free registration for SLI Connect today!