We have just released this interview with Ben Harness from Interflora UK.

Interflora is a little different than a lot of the retailers that I have talked to. Rather than having one or two distribution centres they have 1800 florists who put together the bouquets. This means they have people who are passionate about flowers (passionate enough to run a florist) who are ensuring the quality of the delivered product. Having this many people fulfilling their orders makes it a lot easier to handle their peaks during Mothers’ Day, Valentine’s Day and Christmas.

Ben is currently considering adding ratings and reviews to the Interflora site. They are also a little different from a lot of retailers in that most of the purchases on their site are gifts – so often the purchaser may never see the product they bought. This makes it a little hard to review – but they may be able to reflect the feedback they got – “Mum loved the flowers”. Another option they’re considering is encouraging the recipients to write reviews.