We have just released an interview I did with Tim Ash from Site Tuners. I met Tim by chance at a Search Engine Strategies show a few years ago. We had a lot in common – both running companies that helped ecommerce sites improve their conversions – and we had both done PhDs in artificial intelligence focusing on neural networks. Tim has since written a book called Landing Page Optimization – that is the topic of this podcast and I recommend you read this.

Tim talks about how web sites are designed by people inside the company but the majority of their visitors are from outside. These different perspectives usually mean the design of the website is far from optimal. Tim is a big fan of testing alternative designs with your visitors and measuring what works best for them. He compares the visitors to lab mice and your job is to make it easier for them to find the cheese.

During this podcast you will hear plenty of useful tips from Tim’s experience.  There’s also a special offer to the podcast listeners giving a discount for an Express Review. Enjoy!