This week we posted an interview with Jason Miller from Motorcycle Superstore. Jason discusses a bunch of interesting projects they’re working on, including expanding internationally, a new customer loyalty program and a personal shopping assistant.

One of the of the aspects of the business Jason discussed was their non-product content. They have a web and print magazine called Motorcycle USA which has a loyal following. This content keeps their customers coming back and then when they need something, they know the store is there.

Sasha Deri from the Alternative Energy Store (the previous podcast) also emphasized their non product content. For them it consists of educational content – educating about the benefits of renewable energy and instructional videos and articles for installation and maintenance of the products they sell.

This non-product content is a fantastic way of attracting and engaging customers when they’re not ready to buy. If it’s done right it can also have fantastic SEO benefits. It normally takes a lot of effort to produce but once you have it you have a considerable advantage over your competitors who are merely shifting product.

What type of non product content do you have on your site?

One thought to “Non product content is important for ecommerce sites”

  • Anthony Taylor

    Absolutely – Developing non-product content that is of interest to your users is of massive benefit in your search engine campaign. Rather than trying to convince others to link to your web pages, non-commercial content written in a unique way can act as natural link bait, saving you search team a lot of time chasing links.

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