The holidays are an important time for almost all online retailers, and it’s in full swing with Halloween now come and gone. For almost everyone, this means ramping up on paid search engine advertising, email blasts, and for the fortunate few, television spots. Since most sites, including your competitors, are moving full steam ahead, making sure these paid campaigns are being tracked accurately and are relevant to what shoppers are looking for this season will make your dollars go further.

A simple way to do this is by using URLs in your campaigns that have the best merchandise available and can be precisely tracked. Use campaign-friendly search results pages tagged with a PPC identifier, like SLI Systems provides, with what we call PPC links.

Let’s say you have a set of specific products you want to promote for the holidays. You can group those items into a search results page with a clean URL, or PPC link, that you can use in your email or AdWords campaigns to direct customers back to that page of specially-grouped items.

Instead of linking your AdWords campaign or email blasts to a plain category landing page, PPC links provide great merchandising from Learning Search pages. Additionally, you can easily separate these pages from your normal search results via the reporting section in the Merchandising Console or your analytics provider. Using PPC pages for landing pages is also a simple way to create pages that are relevant to the keywords that you’ve purchased on AdWords or specific campaigns you are promoting.

Another great feature is that the traffic from these pages will be tracked separately from your normal search traffic, so you’ll be able to see your best performing URLs quickly and easily and track the success of each campaign. The URLs generated are in a clean format, for example: “”, so you don’t have to worry about unsightly links or relying on hyperlinking.

If you’re ready to shift your paid campaigns into high gear and are interested in using PPC links on your site, please contact your Customer Success Manager or send an email to