In the weeks before Christmas, there was indication
That the elves were burned out, in need of vacation
They were groggy and grumpy from lack of good sleep
So Santa, the good man, had granted them leave

He went to the workshop and looked at the list
Of good little children who still needed gifts
‘Twas longer than reckoned, his heart began dropping
‘Til Mrs. Claus suggested he try online shopping

He picked up his tablet, on his big chair he perched
And found the best products for all that he searched
The shopping was easy, a delightful sensation
Perchance, could it be from Learning Navigation?

He selected refinements on the pages he browsed
To narrow down products to those he espoused
The site search was fast and gave relevant results
He knew he’d find gifts for all kids and adults

There were banners and features that were so surprising
This could only be the work of good merchandising
Refinements, and mobile sites, Rich Auto Complete
These sites were astounding, with features replete

Bike gear for Timmy, and puzzles for Rue
He found all he needed and even more too
In addition to goods, were videos and blogs
Why, he might get done early, and enjoy some egg nog!

He worked and he worked, and found all the best toys
For good little girls and good little boys
Their problems were solved, and Mrs. Claus kissed him
“Thank goodness for sites using SLI Systems”

Happy Holidays from all of us at SLI Systems!