Glue Store partners with SLI Systems to offer an AI-powered personalised online experience this Holiday Season

Sydney, Australia – December 14, 2017 – Glue Store, a leading local and international cutting-edge fashion retailer, today strengthens its partnership with SLI Systems – global leader and provider of cloud-based, AI-powered e-commerce solutions and services – with the adoption of real-time personalisation.

Glue Store has partnered with SLI Systems for more than 5 years, relying on SLI to provide AI-powered e-commerce solutions that create an exceptional online shopping experience for customers, including dynamic category pages, highly relevant search results and bespoke product recommendations.

Glue Store, with a commitment to always meet and exceed customers’ expectations, focused on taking personalisation to the next level this holiday shopping season. Glue Store has deployed SLI Enhanced Search Personalisation (ESP)TM to personalise its online shopping experience in real time based on each customer’s individual behaviour. SLI ESPTM adds contextual personalization by distinguishing the interests of shoppers so that they are shown the products they are most likely to buy. On the Glue Store website, if a customer navigates to a page for a unisex brand, the site is now able to show the shopper either men’s or women’s products from that brand, without the need for the user to first filter by gender. Improving the relevancy of products presented significantly improves the customer experience. Being able to customise each shopper’s experience based on individual behaviour and preferences makes Glue Store a leader in its industry.

Alex Elsey, Online Content Manager for Glue Store, said: “We are delighted to be strengthening our long-standing partnership with SLI Systems with the addition of SLI ESP to provide gender-based personalisation. Previously, a customer looking at a unisex brand would be shown a range spanning menswear and womenswear, based on popularity and click-through rates. Today, SLI’s technology learns from our customer’s actions and we’re able to personalise what we display based on what we learn about our users – for example, their gender. Our online customers are mostly female shoppers, so unisex pages often prioritised womenswear. Now that we can quickly identify male shoppers, the pages are significantly more relevant. This is a huge win for us in our objective to reduce the number of steps customers must take in order to find what they’re looking for.”

Carter Perez, VP of Sales for SLI Systems, said: “We are delighted to extend our long-standing relationship with Glue Store to provide their fashion-conscious customers with a truly personalised online shopping experience. We all know the same search term doesn’t mean the same thing for every shopper. SLI Enhanced Search Personalisation (ESP)TM instantly and dynamically personalises the shopping experience for both first-time visitors and loyal customers – in real time. With time of the essence, the tool dramatically shortens the path to purchase, showing the customer exactly what they want. Our technology does the mind reading.”

As a multi-channel retailer, Glue Store has strived to create an e-commerce presence that replicates the in-store experience for customers. In 2012, Glue Store launched its online site with 360-rotation and video to show customers information and products in a truly immersive way.

Christina Stubler
SLI Systems

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About Glue Store

Glue Store has been at the forefront of youth-oriented fast fashion and a trusted retailer in Australia for two decades. Known as the home of brands, Glue Store is the one-stop shop for major labels like Stussy, Nike, adidas and Calvin Klein. Australian fashion favourites hold their own alongside international heavyweights with local brands Barney Cools, Assembly Label and Beyond Her finding a home at Glue Store too. With stores in towns and cities around the country, and a website that services the entire nation, Glue Store has continued to be front-of-mind for fashion-conscious Aussies.