Latest Release of “Big Book of Site Search Tips” Offers More than 100 Ideas for Improving the Way Retailers Connect Shoppers to the Products They Want

2014 Edition of Popular Site Search and Merchandising Whitepaper Includes More Best Practice Tips for Social and Mobile Commerce; Available as Free Download from SLI Systems

SAN JOSE, CA – January 22, 2014 SLI Systems ( (NZX: SLI) today announced that it has released the 2014 edition of its “Big Book of Site Search Tips,” with expanded sections on creating a user-friendly mobile shopping experience and integrating social media content and activities into search and navigation. Additionally, with new and updated tips on merchandising via search, optimizing the search and navigation experience, and using search data to deliver more targeted content to shoppers, the 2014 “Big Book” is designed to help online retailers more effectively connect site visitors to products they may be interested in and boost online revenue.

The latest “Big Book of Site Search Tips” compiles a number of best practice approaches in areas like Relevance, Mobile Search, Refinements, Merchandising, Reporting and more to help online retailers meet the challenges of increasing visitor engagement and conversion rates. The “Big Book” is available as a free download on the SLI website at

“The search box is critical to the online experience, but there are many more considerations retailers must make to engage shoppers, connect them to the right products and content, and grow their base of loyal customers,” said Tim Callan, Chief Marketing Officer for SLI Systems. “The social and mobile explosion adds new opportunities and challenges to meet shoppers wherever they engage with your brand online. The expert advice offered in our latest Big Book will give site owners fresh ideas and innovative approaches they can take to improve the ROI on their online storefronts.

“Site search not only helps retailers do a better job of guiding visitors to products and content, it helps make their business smarter,” Callan said. “As the ‘Big Book of Site Search Tips’ explains, site owners and marketers can use advanced search and merchandising techniques to offer more targeted promotions to visitors while gaining valuable insights from visitors’ search and navigation activities.”

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