ReNew Life Looks to Next-Generation Site Search to Strengthen its Content Marketing Efforts

#1 Natural Digestive Care Retailer Sees Conversion Rate Increase 4X with Use of SLI Systems’ Learning-based Hosted Site Search; Addition of Rich Auto Complete Increases CVR 10-15% More

News Highlights

  • Conversion rate for ReNew Life e-commerce site visitors who use search is four times that of non-site search users, and even higher when Rich Auto Complete is used
  • Natural digestive care e-retailer features educational content, social media posts and helpful videos to educate visitors about appropriate products for different ailments, all of which are showcased in tabulated results in site search
  • ReNew Life uses SLI’s A/B testing tool, Conversion Optimizer, to choose the best design options and further maximize the bottom line benefits from site search

SAN JOSE, CA – August 29, 2013SLI Systems ( (NZX: SLI) today announced that ReNew Life has seen conversion rates for customers who use site search grow to nearly 10%, more than four times higher than non-site search users, since implementing SLI Systems’ SaaS-based site search solution. That number increases incrementally when users click on a Rich Auto Complete product or suggestion. ReNew Life chose SLI’s Learning Search to replace the default search in its e-commerce platform from Magento.

In business for 17 years, ReNew Life is the #1 natural digestive care retailer in the U.S. and one of the top five merchants of natural probiotics in the nation. The company has been selling its products direct to consumers through its eCommerce site since 2008, and recognized the need for a more robust, customizable search solution that would enable ReNew Life’s marketing team to showcase the wide range of educational content available on the site, beyond standard product information.

“We are a leader in the natural nutrition products space, and have a wide range of products for many different digestive issues affecting people of all ages,” said Roy Bingham, senior vice president and general manager for Renew Life’s direct division. “People often come to our site not knowing what they need, so they may do a keyword search by problem or symptom rather than product name. Our previous search solution wouldn’t allow us to provide relevant results for those types of terms, and since we also have a lot of educational content on our site we wanted to bring articles and social media posts into site search to further inform customers. With SLI, we’re able to do that, and the conversion rates are significantly higher.”

Bingham explained that additional benefits of using SLI is the A/B testing capabilities, as well as user-generated landing pages that receive higher ranking in Google and Bing.

“We’re able to test many aspects of our search that we couldn’t previously, and are learning what our customers’ preferences are for things like results formats, as well as placement of the search box,” he said. “Because search has such a higher conversion value, we wanted to drive an even higher percentage of users to the search box. Our testing revealed that by making the search box bigger and moving it from the left to the right side of the page, more people use it to find items they need. That translates to more sales and higher purchase values, so the ROI we’ve seen is tremendous.”

Bingham and his team have also benefitted from SLI’s automatically-generated SEO landing pages for long tail keywords. The landing pages rank highly in Google and Bing and provide high quality SEO traffic to ReNew Life. “All of this tells me that site search is an extremely important aspect of the customer experience on our site,” Bingham said.


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