Samuels Jewelers Transforms Online and In-Store Shopping Experience with Advanced Site Search Features

Jewelry Retailer Sees Three Times Higher Conversion Rate and Double Per-Visit Value for Site Search Users with Learning Solution from SLI Systems

News Highlights

  • Conversion rate for Samuels Jewelers website visitors who use search is three times that of non-site search users
  • Per-visit value for site search users is twice the value of non-site search users
  • Jewelry retailer uses SLI’s Learning Search, Site Champion, Rich Auto Complete, mobile search
  • Company operates five websites and has more than 100 stores in 22 states

SAN JOSE, CA – June 6, 2013SLI Systems ( (NZX: SLI) today announced that Samuels Jewelers has seen a conversion rate nearly three times higher for site search users compared to non-site search users after implementing Learning Search from SLI Systems for its five eCommerce websites. The company has also seen per-visit values for site search users that are twice as high as the values for non-site search users. Samuels Jewelers chose SLI’s Learning Search to replace the site feature in its eCommerce platform from Magento.

Samuels Jewelers operates more than 100 stores in 22 states in addition to its eCommerce storefronts. In addition to Learning Search, Samuels Jewelers is using Site Champion, SLI’s user-generated SEO solution for creating search-optimized landing pages, and Rich Auto Complete, which provides automatic keyword suggestions and product images as visitors type search terms, and directs visitors directly to the appropriate product page. The company is also using SLI Mobile, SLI’s site search solution for mobile websites.

“As a multichannel merchant, we need fast, easy-to-use site search for both our store customers and online shoppers,” said Walter Eckhardt, director of eCommerce for Samuels Jewelers. “SLI solutions are giving us the flexibility to help people shop for engagement rings online and see products up close online before they come into our stores, and to help us easily add new inventory to search listings. The higher conversions for search users are giving us a significant return on our investment in SLI, and are having a positive impact on our business.”

“Shoppers increasingly do their research online before coming into a store to purchase – and eCommerce websites with retail stores must accommodate these different requirements,” said Shaun Ryan, CEO of SLI Systems. “Site search can meet the needs of diverse audiences – for example, by using Auto Complete to aid online shoppers in finding brands or types of products, or adding in-store pickup to search results to encourage purchases. Samuels Jewelers is a great example of how some of these rich features contribute to a valuable shopping experience online and offline.”

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