SLI Systems Announces Landing Page Creator: Product Rapidly Creates and Deploys Custom Landing Pages for Retailers’ Omnichannel Promotions and SEO

Marketing professionals can easily create landing pages, no need to tap IT resources

IRCE 2015, CHICAGO – June 2, 2015SLI Systems (SLI.NZ), a worldwide e-commerce provider for mid- to large-size Internet retailers and B2B sites, today announced the availability of SLI Landing Page Creator™. With the new solution, merchandisers can create and deploy shopper-friendly landing pages in a matter of minutes and integrate these pages into targeted marketing programs.

SLI built Landing Page Creator™ to help B2C and B2B sites create custom landing pages with targeted messages and optimized SEO for pinpointing marketing and promotions. This landing page generator software draws from patented SLI’s Learning Search® technology and enhances SLI’s merchandising functionality. As the targeted pages address shoppers’ immediate needs or interests, they lead to increases the landing page conversion rate and average order value by reducing the number of clicks to a purchase. New pages, with customizable URLs and meta tags, are easy to create as they are built with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface and don’t require additional IT support.

“We want to give customers an easier way to find the products they want without drilling down so deep into our site,” explained Gavin Trippe, CEO of 2 Wheel Parts Supply. “These landing pages help get customers to products in fewer clicks. SLI Landing Page Creator is changing the way we do many things: email blast landing pages, custom PPC pages, daily deals and custom-tuned pages based on reports with clean URLs. Overall it’s just huge. ”

Available in the SLI Merchandising Console, Landing Page Creator enables online retailers to curate custom content landing pages with products and integrated banners or create visual editorial-style displays targeting new trends, lifestyle interests or promotions. Now retailers can quickly and easily control the products, message and overall experience for visitors whether they arrive at the site from organic search results, email, social media campaigns or pay-per-click advertisements. Pages can feature product results based on a search condition or retailers can handpick the products they want to appear together that would not normally be found via a single search query.

“Targeted marketing and greater efficiencies are the driving forces of e-commerce today,” said SLI Systems CEO Shaun Ryan. “By adding Landing Page Creator to our solution set, SLI is arming online businesses with a better way to create customized pages regardless of how visitors arrive at their sites. We’re powering a new level of real-time merchandising that results in more revenue for our customers.”

Key Landing Page Creator features include:

  • Customizable URLs, Custom Content & Meta Tags–show cleaner URLs and meta data for promotions and SEO, including social media tags
  • Search Engine Indexing–enable pages to be indexed by search engines
  • Integrated Banners, Product Results & Tuning–completes SLI Merchandising suite with the ability to build and customize content to include products
  • Dynamic Product Content—include product lists that automatically update to reflect real-time changes in pricing, availability, product attributes and more
  • Content Rich Displays–create and display editorial-style content or pages without search results
  • Scheduling & Redirects–set campaign time frames and redirect traffic to other pages when campaigns end
  • Multi-language Support & URLs–available in 17 languages
  • Real-time Reporting & Analytics–track the progress of campaigns, page views, revenue and more in a single dashboard

About SLI Systems
SLI Systems (SLI.NZ) enables the world’s leading e-commerce retailers to accelerate sales by connecting shoppers with the products they’re most likely to buy. With offerings that include site search, navigation, merchandising, mobile, product recommendations and user-generated SEO, SLI is the most chosen cloud-based site search provider to U.S. Internet Retailer Top 1,000 retailers. The company’s patented technology continuously learns from the actions of visitors to deliver the most relevant results possible. Whether via PC, tablet or phone, a site powered by SLI delivers the kind of satisfying search experience that increases conversion rates, secures brand loyalty and results in higher order values. SLI operates on five continents. For more information, visit