jeromes-etailEvery year eTail honors the best of the best retailers with eTail Best-in-Class Awards, recognizing extraordinary achievements in omnichannel, search, email, social media and mobile commerce. This year SLI customer Jerome’s Furniture took home the Best-in-Class Omnichannel Retailer Award for reinventing the furniture-buying experience and offering its shoppers a seamless omnichannel experience with two new apps: a new Augmented Reality App (to use on mobile/at home) and a new Smart Shopper App (to use in store).

While the Augmented Reality App brings the store’s furniture into the shopper’s home virtually, the Smart Shopper App brings the website’s robust content and machine-learning search to shoppers’ fingertips in the store. According to Perry, “It’s the 1-2 punch our customers are loving. The feedback is amazing!”

Congratulations to Jerome’s for winning the most-deserved distinction of eTail’s Best-in-Class Omni-Retailer!

Augmented Reality (AR) App Brings Store Furniture into Shopper’s Home Virtually

With more than 60 years in the home furniture business, Jerome’s understands buying new furniture can be time-consuming and overwhelming. Even when shoppers had measurements, imagining how their new sofa looked in their home was not easy. Until now. The new Augmented Reality App easily allows shoppers to see how an item looks in their home before buying it. The AR app takes out all the guesswork, helping shoppers avoid mistakes and making furniture buying easier than ever – from the comfort of their homes.

And the results are staggering. The Augmented Reality App’s conversion rate is 73% higher than site average, and time on site is 226% higher (more than 14 minutes).

Smart Shopper App Brings Website Content, Reviews, Videos, Search Into the Store

The Smart Shopper App includes a convenient QR Code scanner that allows shoppers to easily scan any tag throughout the brick-and-mortar showroom. Once a furniture item is scanned, the app brings up a library of online product reviews and product videos. The shopper now has a wealth of information, reviews to read, and videos to watch all at their fingertips while in store.

jeromes-etail-2The Smart Shopper App also uses The SLI Buyer Engine™, a machine-learning platform that power its search technology. The Buyer Engine learns from visitors’ search activity to deliver busy Jerome’s customers the most relevant results quickly – both in store or on the go. The result is a search function that becomes more intuitive the more it’s used, driving more personalized shopping experiences within the app.

The Smart Shopper App has proven so useful, Jerome’s is seeing 100-200 downloads a day. What’s more, by using machine-learning to power its search technology with SLI Systems, Jerome’s increased conversion rate 71%.

The new Augmented Reality App and Smart Shopper App enable Jerome’s Furniture to deliver its customers a seamless omnichannel experience with the highest degree of contextual personalization at home, in the store, or on the go – helping them feel increasingly understood, catered to, and apt to buy – and driving remarkable business results.