MyWorkwear Improves Conversion Rate and Average Order Value with Full-service Site Search from SLI Systems

Online Retailer of Work Wear and Uniforms Makes Searches Faster and Easier for Repeat Customers with Learning-based Site Search Solution

LONDON, UK – July 4, 2011 – SLI Systems today announced that MyWorkwear, a Telford-based online retailer of work wear and uniforms, is seeing higher conversions and average order value with SLI’s full-service site search solution. Visitors to MyWorkwear who use the search box are far more likely to convert, remain on the site longer, and order more products. MyWorkwear noted that visitors who use SLI’s site search convert at nearly three times the rate of visitors who don’t.

MyWorkwear, established in 1984, is a family-owned business and has been selling work wear, such as restaurant and healthcare uniforms, online since 1995. The company also provides custom embroidery and logo printing.

Before selecting Learning Search, SLI Systems’ site search solution, MyWorkwear was using a site search feature that was packaged with its e-commerce platform. The company realised that this search feature lacked functionality and didn’t return great search results. They sought a best-of-breed site search solution that would allow visitors to refine searches and would provide more precise results, as well as one that could dynamically update relevance of results.

Since MyWorkwear began using SLI’s site search, conversions and average order size have increased for shoppers who use the search box. The average order value for visitors who use search is roughly £85, compared to approximately £65 for visitors who don’t use search. Average time on site for visitors who use search is 8 minutes 32 seconds, compared to 2 minutes 59 seconds for visitors who don’t use search.

In addition, the site’s bounce rate for visitors who use site search is just under 14%, while the bounce rate for visitors who don’t use site search is about 31%.

“We have a high percentage of repeat shoppers, since customers can upload sizing, logo, and monogram details and use this data to make future purchases,” said Chris Wood, SEO and marketing director at MyWorkwear. “When these repeat shoppers return to our site, they expect to quickly find new items and complete their orders. SLI’s site search lets our customers easily sort through choices in clothing, styles and colours, and offers more intuitive results based on the keywords shoppers commonly use. SLI’s full-service team also gives us ongoing advice and feedback on how to keep improving the site search experience for our customers.”

Learning Search is part of SLI Systems’ full-service, customised site search, navigation and merchandising offerings. The solutions help online retailers like MyWorkwear meet customer expectations for relevant results and information, as well as promote particular products and brands, all based on previous visitors’ search and click-through activity. The solutions are dynamic, so results change as customer buying trends and search terms shift. Additionally, SLI’s offerings are backed by the company’s team of search and navigation experts, who oversee deployment of Learning Search and provide ongoing management and support.

“Fast and accurate site search is key to delivering an optimal online experience, and helps encourage repeat shoppers to come back to their favourite sites, where they know they can shop more productively,” said Thierry Costa, vice president of marketing for SLI Systems. “When results are relevant, site search can be a key contributor to online conversions, as MyWorkwear has experienced.”

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