Product Updates

January 2017

Over the past year our development has followed a core set of themes, guided very much by direct feedback from customers. These include giving clients more direct control over various aspects of our solutions, providing more insight for understanding the performance of your site and how to improve it, and ensuring that we continue to provide a best-in-class search solution.

New Product Launch

Enhanced Search Personalization (ESP): We know personalization is important to our customers, so we created SLI ESP™ to instantly and dynamically personalize the shopping experience for both your first-time visitors and loyal shoppers. It adds contextual personalization to SLI Learning Search® and SLI Learning Navigation®, empowering you to deliver a better customer experience.

Product Updates

Dashboard for the SLI Commerce Console: Designed to let you quickly view and understand the performance of your site and the SLI solution, our dashboard illustrates how much revenue your SLI solutions help generate, how your site visitors interact with the solutions and the performance of search terms on your site.

Recommendations Strategy Tunings: Previously SLI Recommendations™ could be tuned at a SKU level. So for a particular product detail page, you could control what complementary products were shown. With Strategy Tuning, merchandisers can now control a greater variety of recommendation blocks, such as those on the home page or category pages.

Magento Extensions: We revamped and verified our Magento version 1 extension and stayed current with the new Magento 2 release. Magento released several updates in the past year, and we are compatible with all releases.

API Integration: Many customers use the API version of our solutions, and we revamped our documentation and processes to ensure the API is as easy to use as possible. We also released an API for Rich Auto Complete.

Language Support: SLI continues to expand the number of languages we support as our customer base grows. We now support sites in over 20 languages, with Finnish and Arabic being the newest languages added.

Site Champion Controls: A new module has been added to the Commerce Console to let you better monitor and control Site Champion®, our SEO solution for long-tail searches. The Site Champion® module:

  • Provides one central location for metrics and page configuration
  • Lets you optimize the performance of pages by adding and editing meta tags and other content
  • Allows you to exclude any unwanted pages and specify how to handle requests to pages once they are removed

Multi-site Support: Businesses with multiple sites can monitor and control each site individually and the entire business as a whole.