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ReNew Life Looks to Next-Generation Site Search to Strengthen its Content Marketing Efforts


…additional benefits of using SLI is the A/B testing capabilities, as well as user-generated landing pages that receive higher ranking in Google and Bing. “We’re able to test many aspects of our search that we couldn’t previously, and are learning what our customers…

Kidrobot Turns to SLI Systems to Boost E-commerce Sales and Strengthen Brand Visibility


…automatically generated SEO landing pages for long tail keywords through its Site Champion offering. The landing pages rank highly in Google and Bing and provide high-quality SEO traffic to Kidrobot.com. “Site Champion helps us by taking care of important SEO work…

Thank You – Download How to Get the SEO-Driven Revenue You’re Missing


…doing anything else • Major SEO “no-no’s” that can damage your website’s reputation Download Here “For certain long-tail terms we’re now seeing our Site Champion-generated pages in the top ranking on Google and Bing.” – Victor Castro, Director of E-commerce, Zachys…


SEO Tools E-commerce Businesses Need


…to choose from, but every business should start with two basics: Google Analytics (GA) and Webmaster Tools (WMT). For baseline measurement of your site traffic and SEO performance, not only should you have a GA account, along with Google and Bing WMT accounts, but…

Improve SEO with Simple Tweaks in Navigation


When approaching navigation it’s important to remember that search engine spiders are a key audience. Google, Bing and other search engines analyze site navigation structures as they crawl your site to understand what’s important. For example, if a product page is only two…

Bring Social to Search, and Search to Social


…Contributed by: Ed Kennedy, Business Development, Guidance Recently, I was listening to APM’s Marketplace Tech Report which highlighted how Google and Bing are now including social content such as Twitter and Facebook postings in natural search results.  The report…

eCommerce Podcasts

Alan Trzuskoski from Abe's of Maine - Podcast Transcript


…even more excited about sending traffic our way. As well as some of the new growth channels, whether it be Bing or additional Google advertising. We're seeing a lot of traction in the Bing and the Yahoos of the world. Shaun:  [9:17] That's interesting. Is…

George Michie from The Rimm Kaufman Group - Podcast Transcript


…Overture was then bought by Yahoo. Yahoo then, just last year ‑‑ Excuse me, almost two years ago ‑‑ struck the deal with what is now Bing so that Bing is now providing search results for Yahoo. [6:07] There's been a lot of interesting changes in where we're…

Hadley Reynolds from IDC - Podcast Transcript


…They may not even list a complete listing of this particular original manufacturer's products. [4:18] So I wound up going back to Bing or Google, I think I used Bing in this case, and putting in the actual product name and then having to find an online…



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