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E-commerce Platform Plugins


…intelligence technology with your E-commerce platform. This dedicated e-commerce plugin streamlines the process of generating a data feed and design templates so you can take advantage of the SLI suite of E-commerce apps including: Learning Search Learning…

SLI Systems Releases Enhanced Rich Auto Complete for E-commerce Site Search


…even when the product name is not an exact match for the search term Flexibility and Style Options – Available in a variety of visual layout templates to enhance a site’s design “With the new release of SLI Rich Auto Complete, we have taken our already powerful…

SLI Systems Announces Dynamic Product Banners


…• Quick & Easy Implementation — implementing Dynamic Product Banners requires a simple addition of a few lines of JavaScript to product page templates Dynamic Product Banners augments SLI’s suite of learning e-commerce acceleration tools that help shoppers find…

eCommerce Podcasts

Elizabeth Gross from Steiner Tractor - Podcast Transcript


…of ideas and we are going to try to do some new things with our marketing. We went with a new email marketing company and we are using the SLI templates to tabulate some products based on the customer's preference for tractor brand, and I am really excited about…

Daniel Pfeffer from Lighting by Gregory - Podcast Transcript


…to give that user the ability to really find what they are looking for and then customize it when they actually get it. We have a lot of Ashby template work done on our site. We sell a lot of fans, and fans have a tremendous amount of facets that you can choose…

Laura Santos from Envelopes.com - Podcast Transcript


…designer or product designer. [13:45] Unless you are a creative person or you have somebody working for you, then, we're able to take your uploaded template and print, obviously, your beautiful work of art. So, our site is geared towards those creative people or…

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