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Video testimonials


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Major Corporations Endorse SLI


Hear in a recent video testimonial how U.S. gourmet food and gifting company Harry & David saw a US$437,000 increase in 2014 sales after implementing SLI’s Site Champion™. Other recent video testimonials include the U.K.’s largest mail order seed company…

The Path to Selling Includes Sharing


…site is about more than just the products you sell. It’s also a valuable resource for your users. It should be engaging, offering unique photos, videos, articles and features that shoppers won’t get anywhere else. This content is a powerful tool that you can use to…

Say It with Video – 1 Billion Are Watching (and Buying)


With 1 billion people using YouTube today, video is the most powerful means of spreading information to the world’s 7 billion people. And since more than 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube, that’s almost one hour for every person on this…

eCommerce Podcasts

Susan Aldrich from Patricia Seybold Group - Podcast Transcript


…the products and by watching a video they become more engaged with the product. So, that video, use of video in retail site is one trend that I think, we don't see a lot of our customers have it yet, but we are seeing more and more customers have it. …

Lee Brown from Online Golf - Podcast Transcript


…I can see huge strides in video and use of video. Shaun:  [14:16] Can you go into that a little bit more? How are you using the video on your website? Lee:  [14:22] At the moment we're using video in several ways. The most simplistic way is…

Jamin Arvig from WaterFilters.net - Podcast Transcript


…frequently, presumably? Or do you have videos as well? Jamin:  [6:27] We have a lot of different things. We've got a water university on our site. We've got a lot of videos. We've got one of the people on our team that is Aquaman. He does a lot of Aquaman



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