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Global Survey Reveals Retailers’ New Year’s Resolutions for eCommerce and Site Search to Drive Sales in 2013


…more customers to their websites are the biggest challenges retailers face, in addition to improving logistics and expanding internationally To address these challenges in advance of the 2012 holiday season, retailers increased focus on SEO, better merchandising,…

SoundStage Direct Connects Audiophiles to Hard-to-Find Vinyl LPs Using Site Search from SLI Systems


…convert than visitors who use the search box. The company will also soon use SLI Mobile to power the site search on its mobile commerce site and address the needs of its growing audience of mobile shoppers. As SoundStage Direct’s search experience has become more…



…end-user browser with a list of possible IP addresses to execute the search request. The browser then picks the IP address from one of the data centers. If there is a failure at any one of the data centers or with a network connection, the problem IP


How To Keep Customers Engaged


…The Year of the Tablet”, what’s hot in online retail this year seems to be trends that began bubbling up over the past several months. We already discussed ways to address the social and table crazes. Other popular trends this year include personalization and…

Create refinements that make your site search more user-friendly, increase customer engagement


Refinements or facets, are one of the most important ways to address the myriad ways your online visitors can search your site. They allow visitors to narrow down search results based on certain product or content characteristics, so that searches can be completed in less…

Introducing Ajax Search: No Page Reloads, Faster Results


…sites. At the same time, consumers want more rich features that can, consequently, slow down their sites’ performance if not implemented correctly. I’m excited to introduce our new Learning Search with AJAX, which addresses both of these issues. Our Learning Search…

eCommerce Podcasts

Jeffrey Zwelling from Y Lighting - Podcast Transcript


…feeling? Jeffrey: [6:12] Well, there's a couple problems that all of the analytic packages - Omniture, Google Analytics, et cetera - don't seem to address. One is that there's a lot of transactions that are completed off-line, often through phone calls to customer…

Laura Santos from Envelopes.com - Podcast Transcript


…We are taking this online designer concept to the next level. [13:29] It's currently, you come to our site, and you can print your address or a return address, any which way you like, but beyond uploading a logo, there's really not much functionality built…

Hadley Reynolds from IDC


…online. It’s how they understand the online world. And the trend is for search to become a much bigger part of the interaction model." He also addresses the big challenges facing site owners in particlular the popularity of mobile devices, and the constraints they…



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