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Corporate Site

Renowned Search and Usability Expert Dr. Shaun Ryan Leads Three-part Webinar Series on Fundamentals of Site Search and Navigation


…will also share industry best practices on how to make search results relevant, and discuss some of the latest trends and developments, including AJAX search, search box placement, and different view and format options. “Search is one of the most critical…

SLI Systems Joins hybris Extend Marketplace


…not using Western character sets, such as Russian, Arabic and Japanese. Online retailers can also take advantage of SLI’s Rich Auto Complete and AJAX search, as well as the SLI merchandising console and reports (A/B and multivariate testing capabilities) that are…

Michael C. Fina Delivers Richer, More Engaging Online Shopping Experience with Better Site Search


…With its full customization features, Learning Search results are integrated with the look and feel of the retailer’s site. Additionally, SLI’s AJAX technology means pages do not need to be refreshed each time a customer searches, selects a refinement, or goes to…


Introducing Ajax Search: No Page Reloads, Faster Results


…sites. At the same time, consumers want more rich features that can, consequently, slow down their sites’ performance if not implemented correctly. I’m excited to introduce our new Learning Search with AJAX, which addresses both of these issues. Our Learning Search…

eCommerce Podcasts

Larry Becker from The Rimm Kaufman Group - Podcast Transcript


…the right applications on their sites for things like; AJAX, and actual Web 1.0 technology, but it is now called "2.0," would read reviews and user generated content.We see that dust beginning to settle, and some folks making very good use of AJAX and seeing…

Bill Cronin of Vermont Teddy Bear - Podcast Transcript


…the e‑commerce sites that we're looking at. You're starting to see more and more Ajax coming into the sites just to enhance that user experience. You obviously have to be careful with that to make sure that Ajax doesn't completely change the user interface,…

Alan Trzuskoski from Abe's of Maine - Podcast Transcript


…I'm obviously fairly familiar with that, but [laughs] for the benefit of our listeners, could you describe what you mean by the Ajax? Alan:  [14:00] Sure. Well, Ajax is ‑ you might know a little bit more about ‑ but it's basically a new coding style so that…



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