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SLI Systems Cookie Policy


…saves onyour computer or mobile device when you visit the site. It enables the website to remember your actions and preferences (such as login, language, font size and other display preferences) over a period of time, so you don’t have to keep re-entering them…

Learning Search Connect for Magento


…Magento 2 Admin UI SLI advanced Merchandizing and Reporting for Magento 2 Stores SLI Learning Search Implementation on Magento 2 Store SLI Multi Language Search for Magento Stores SLI Rich Auto Complete for Magento Stores var slider; jQuery(function () { switch …

SLI Systems Announces Landing Page Creator: Product Rapidly Creates and Deploys Custom Landing Pages for Retailers’ Omnichannel Promotions and SEO


…& Redirects–set campaign time frames and redirect traffic to other pages when campaigns end Multi-language Support & URLs–available in 17 languages Real-time Reporting & Analytics–track the progress of campaigns, page views, revenue and more in a single…


Site Search in Different Languages


…hastened globalization, it’s less easy to qualify languages other than English as “foreign.” It’s easy for us in English-speaking parts of the world to forget that English is not the dominant language – it’s actually the third most popular language

In eCommerce, Be Really, Really Redundant


In many situations in life, redundancy is undesirable. Our language and writing teachers told us to avoid use of redundant phrases – totally destroyed, armed gunman, exact same, merge together… you get the idea. In business, a company merger creates redundancies in job…

More on Site Search Reporting


…reporting are critical parts of your online business success. If you’re not doing so already, you should review your site search reports regularly to make sure your visitors are finding what they seek – AND that you’re using the language of your customers on your…

eCommerce Podcasts

Susan Aldrich from Patricia Seybold Group - Podcast Transcript


…at the language that your visitors are using and trying to match that up with the language that you are using on your site. [9:14] So that the people who are visiting your site using whatever language it is that they are using, can use that

Keith Bergstrom from Prestwick House


…SLI Systems, interviews Keith Bergstrom, General Manager for Prestwick House, a publisher of literature and instructional guides for English and language arts teachers. Prestwick House sells its books and teaching guides online as well as via a print catalog. In…

Tim Ash from Site Tuners - Podcast Transcript


…[12:20] No, no, no. [12:22] And I think that can be very difficult, to realize that you're using language that your customers don't understand, because everyone in your company understand that language. And so that can be difficult to see. Tim: [12:36] Right…



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