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Outdoor Megastore See Higher Conversion Rate with Full-service Site Search and Navigation from SLI Systems


…YouTube Channel at http://www.youtube.com/SLISiteSearch, follow SLI on Twitter at http://twitter.com/slisystems or listen to SLI hosted ecommerce podcasts at http://www.EcommercePodcast.com/. Popular categories Press Releases (148) Archive by month September 2018 …



…How Shoppers Shop for Mother’s Day May 3, 2016, Search Engine Watch How to Use Site Search to Improve Conversion May 2, 2016, eCommerce MasterPlan Podcast 48 Takeaways from Internet Retailing Expo 2016 April 26, 2016, Appliance Retailer Why retailers need to focus…

Prominent e-Retail Brands Join SLI Systems to Showcase Site Search, Navigation, and Merchandising in a Big Way at IRCE 2012


…Channel at http://www.youtube.com/user/SLISiteSearch, follow SLI on Twitter at http://twitter.com/slisystems or listen to SLI hosted ecommerce podcasts at http://www.ecommercepodcast.com/. Popular categories Press Releases (148) Archive by month September 2018 (1)…


American Bridal Podcast


This week we posted another interview with Shirley Tan from American Bridal. Hear how Shirley started the American Bridal 14 years ago as a mail order catalog and has grown it significantly over the years. One of their secrets is their unique product collection which Shirley puts…

Carolina Rustica Podcast


We’ve just released our latest podcast – with Richard Sexton from Carolina Rustica. These guys are a relatively small operation with a really interesting history. I found it particularly interesting to hear Richard’s talking about: how he expects the…

eCommerce Podcasts

Steve Elkins from Yarn.com - Podcast Transcript


…when you publish a podcast, do you have an area where people can discuss it, and do you get much interaction happening on your site around that? Steve: [21:15] That we don't. That is probably one of the things that we need to do better, to take the information that…

Brian Walker from Forrester - Podcast Transcript


…content and video content. Even this podcast I think, is an example of something that while iTunes didn't necessarily invent the form I think by providing an easy way for many consumers to consume it has really accelerated and proliferated so to speak podcasting…

Webinar: It's Not Too Late to Seize the Season


Last week, SLI Systems recorded a webinar with presenter Sue Aldrich, Senior Vice President of Patricia Seybold Group. Sue discusses how ecommerce companies can improve their websites for the holiday shopping season. She explains what's hot for consumers this holiday from the top…



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