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Auto Complete

Corporate Site

SLI Systems Granted Auto Complete Patent


SLI Systems Granted Auto Complete Patent E-Commerce Site Search Auto-Complete Invention Learns From User Behavior To Suggest Relevant Results and Keywords as Shoppers Type SAN JOSE, Calif. – October 24, 2016 – SLI Systems (SLI.NZ), a global leader and provider of e…



…with SLI Learning Search™ Showcase seasonal goods and drive traffic to your site with Dynamic Product Banners™ Decrease the number of clicks to conversion with SLI Rich Auto Complete™ Seamlessly upsell and cross-sell with SLI Learning Recommendations™ while…

SLI’s Solutions Overview


…you know about that individual shopper. SLI Learning Search®, SLI Rich Auto Complete™ and SLI Enhance Search Personalization™ improve conversion on average by more than 50%. Learning Search® Personalization Rich Auto Complete™ Sell More…


Rich Auto Complete is looking good


…growing number of customers implementing Rich Auto Complete. We have some preliminary data from them and the results are looking very interesting. First of all some background… What  is Auto Complete The precursor to Rich Auto

The benefits of Auto Complete


We recently released an autocomplete feature that’s been picked up by many of our clients. This uses previous user’s searches (in aggregate) to automatically create keyword suggestions, which are then displayed in order of popularity. It is really fast too. Head over to…

The Next Innovation in E-commerce: Enhanced Rich Auto Complete


The world of e-commerce is constantly evolving. When site search was first introduced, the functionality was clumsy at best and completely frustrating at worst. Shoppers typed their entire search query before seeing if the site had what they were looking for. This involved…

eCommerce Podcasts

Ben Kirshner from Coffee For Less - Podcast Transcript


…just rely on the customers who know us, have bookmarked us, are in our auto-ship program and our loyalty club and then turn off advertising completely. Shaun: [13:22] Yeah, and then your margins will go up. Ben: [13:24] Exactly, yeah. Shaun: [13:26] OK, great. Tell…

Jamin Arvig from WaterFilters.net - Podcast Transcript


…strategies around this. Then suggest the... well, I guess prioritize these based on their analysis. Prioritize these projects and make sure that we complete them efficiently. [13:52] With each department, they might be coming into the strategy, which would involve…



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