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Buyer Engine

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eCommerce Personalization


Get the eCommerce Personalization Product Brochure Take Mind Reading to the Next Level Powered by the patented SLI Buyer Engine, SLI ESP™ adds contextual e-commerce personalization to the industry-leading and award-winning relevancy SLI is known for. Understand the…

eCommerce Personalization | Dynamic Shopping Engine – SLI Systems


…Personalization™ engine instantly and dynamically personalizes the e-commerce shopping experience for both your first-time visitors and loyal customers in real time. (We call it ESP for a reason.) book a demo Predict More Sales Powered by the patented SLI Buyer<…

Improved Magento Site Search | SLI Systems


…Experience Standard Site Search solutions and Magento plugins return sub-standard and static suggestions. Our solutions powered by the SLI Buyer Engine constantly evolve to give shoppers the most relevant suggestions in a fast, visual and interactive…


SLI Buyer Engine – The Heart of a Powerful E-commerce Suite


I have a confession. For more than a decade, SLI has been far too modest about our e-commerce innovations. Perhaps our engineering team has garnered so many patents that they haven’t stopped to reflect. It hit me when we learned of the latest SLI patent related to our auto…

eCommerce Podcasts

Chad Coleman from U.S. Toy - Podcast Transcript


… [6:59] And so is that your typical buyer, your moms buying on the, I presume, U. S. Toy and the CP Toy sites? That's your typical buyer, I imagine, on the Constructive Playthings which is aimed at schools, you've got a slightly different type of buyer,<…

Kent Allen from The Research Trust - Podcast Transcript


…marketing service that they were building for the building supply community and this division of McGraw Hill really focused on architectural engineering construction information so really it was back at the dawn of information services, or at least the dawn of…

Hadley Reynolds from IDC - Podcast Transcript


…hubs that actually winds up being significantly larger than the traffic that goes through the search engines. Maybe not surprisingly, but at first blush I think people all assume that the search engines are probably getting the lion's share of the traffic. …



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