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Webinar: Time to Switch your Recommendations Engine Provider?


…Time to Switch your Recommendations Engine Provider? You know effective recommendations and online merchandising can connect shoppers with the right product. You likely already have a plugin installed. But many online stores are finding that’s not enough. In…

Recommendation Engine – How to Recommend Products


Recommendation Engine - How to Recommend Products Learn How to Recommend Products Using an E-commerce Recommendation Engine Get in-depth insights and practical e-commerce strategies from our rich library of videos, ebooks, and blog posts. WEBINAR: Is…

What We Do


…opportunity Search Tools for e-commerce that turn shoppers into buyers by accurately predicting which products they are most likely to buy. Recommendations Put an end to average average order values with our tools. Get extraordinary AOV by delivering…


Want higher conversions? Use Recommendation engines


So, your business is humming along. Thriving, even. But you’re not content with leveling off – you want to boost your e-commerce conversions even higher. What’s the best way to make that happen? Introducing the recommendation engine.

SLI Launches Learning Recommendations


SLI Systems’ mission is to accelerate sales for our e-commerce clients by helping their site visitors find the products they want to buy. We’ve done this over the past 12 years by developing and offering advanced site search, navigation, merchandising, mobile and SEO solutions.…

Increase Sales This Easter With E-Commerce Recommendations


As Easter draws near, online retailers around the world should be prepared to maximize every dollar they can from the increase of shoppers they’ll have over the holiday. In 2016, more than 8 in 10 Americans celebrated Easter, according to an NRF survey. Those who celebrated…

eCommerce Podcasts

Keith Bergstrom from Prestwick House - Podcast Transcript


…the focus, and that's what Focal Tech has been working with. [11:10] Now, we're looking at that B2C sort of idea and working on building some recommendation engines and then some other back‑end things like that. Shaun:  [11:20] Do you have ratings and reviews as…

Gil Levy from Ecommerce Partners - Podcast Transcript


…doesn't help. So SLI is a great product. It can drive amazing results. Can help you with search engine optimization. Can help you with product recommendation. [14:23] But if you don't take the time to configure that correctly, and spend the time to do that, you won…

Dave Baird from Magnet Street - Podcast Transcript


…else do you see coming? What other changes are you looking to make? Dave: [18:18] I would say some of the more fun ones are our personalized recommendations will be coming out this fall. Finally, we're just going to have so much more intuitive, "OK, if you purchase…



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