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SLI Solutions for Magento Product Brochure


…quickly and easily, driving sales and greater customer loyalty. What more could you ask for? Improved E-commerce Sales Seamless and Rapid Implementation Enhanced Product Findability Download the SLI Solutions for Magento Product Brochure hbspt.forms.create({…

Thank You – Download 10 Top Considerations for Choosing a Site Search Provider


…Search Provider. Choose the right partner for your e-commerce site. You’ll learn: What performance metrics to evaluate between vendors What implementation process options are best for you How to find the best mobile site search provider Download Here See How…

Online E-commerce Merchandising Tools | SLI Systems


…Eason Your One-Stop-Shop for E-Merchandising Success Your e-commerce merchandising strategy means nothing if you don’t have the right tools to implement it. With SLI, campaign management and monitoring is easy. Always Be Merchandising The Commerce Console™ lets you…


Privacy and Retail in 2013: 4 Steps You Can Take


…privacy becomes a hot issue. It’s hot now, and many marketers are concerned that regulation or even legislation could ensue. Europe has new regulations on privacy and specifically cookies, which unsurprisingly were diluted in the implementation phase.  The specter…

When Implementing ‘Searchandising’ Best Practices, Test, Test and Test Again


At SLI, we spend a lot of time talking with our clients about ways they can improve performance of their site search and navigation, and options to consider for merchandising results pages. We’ve also discussed many best practices approaches in this newsletter – everything from…

Site Search Relevance: Covered In The New Big Book of Site Search Tips


…of new site search tips in our Big Book of Site Search Tips 2012 Edition (BBoSST), but I wanted to stress in this blog the importance of Site Search Relevance. If your search results aren’t relevant to what your visitors are looking for, then the search tips and…

eCommerce Podcasts

Bill Cronin of Vermont Teddy Bear - Podcast Transcript


…because you can learn a lesson on one site that the implementation strategy isn't going to apply to another site. Some of that leads to solutions where you take it outside the platform. And SLI is an example of that, where we were able to implement a…

Josh Hansen from Hansen Surf - Podcast Transcript


…[18:32] PowerReviews. PowerReviews. It turns out you guys are a partner with PowerReviews, so we're in the process of, one, finishing the implementation of the PowerReviews and all of the tools that'll help us solicit those reviews after customers have purchased…

Gil Levy from Ecommerce Partners


…time and effort to their site in order to see the impact they desire. He goes on to talk about how segmentation and personalization are simple strategies to implement and should be used more in ecommerce. Tune in to find out more! Length 23 mins 46 secs Transcript:…



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