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Thank You – Download Site Search and the Mobile Experience


Thank You! Click to download your Site Search and the Mobile Experience. Get the 19 mobile e-commerce strategies proven to increase your sales. Download Here See How Everlast Scored a Knockout with 6x Higher ConversionsWatch Now

Thank You – Download P.A.R. Checklist


Thank You! Click to download your P.A.R. Checklist. The best practices to accelerate the path to purchase and increase online sales. Download Here See How Everlast Scored a Knockout with 6x Higher ConversionsWatch Now

Thank You – Download Big Book of Site Search Tips


Thank You! Click to download your Big Book of Site Search Tips. The ultimate guide to increase your e-commerce sales with over 120 site search tips. Download Here See How Everlast Scored a Knockout with 6x Higher ConversionsWatch Now


Infographic: The Biggest Missed Opportunities for eCommerce Marketers


This new infographic highlights some of the results from the SLI Systems Global eCommerce Site Search Survey. Click here to download a full report of survey findings.  

Download our ‘Big Book of Navigation Tips’ for Design and Usability Tips


Our latest e-book – “The Big Book of Navigation Tips” – is now available for download from our website. We crafted the tips, taken from our many years of experience in guiding clients in search and navigation best practices, to help others in the industry understand how…

Got Questions about Navigation? Download Our “Big Book of Navigation Tips”!


When you’re trying to find something on a poorly designed or overly cluttered website, it can feel like you’re in one of those computer games where you’re trapped in a dark hallway and don’t know which room to choose. Will clicking on a given tab help get you where you want to go…

eCommerce Podcasts

Tim Parry from Multichannel Merchant - Podcast Transcript


…they need to download an app for that particular store that will read the QR codes? Tim:  [13:23] That's a good question. I actually have not downloaded ‑‑ for instance Target's got one and I know that Amazon has one. I have not personally downloaded

Sascha Deri from Alternative Energy Store - Podcast Transcript


…They have something called "Amazon Kindle" where you can download books electronically. Ironically, the latest book I bought was a business book called "Inspire: How to Inspire Customers". I bought that electronically and downloaded it to my Amazon Kindle.…

Patrick Colletta of PC Universe - Podcast Transcript


…and content management. We download numerous price inventory and content files that are used to build our catalog. These files must be aggregated and kept up-to-date and accurate with little or no margin for error on a daily basis. [17:56] Sometimes we are



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