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E-commerce Analytics Tools


Tools SLI Analytics: Data & Visibility Drive Success Management guru Peter Drucker famously observed that, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure.” and nowhere is this truer than online retail. But, succeeding in e-commerce requires more than just collecting…

Product Recommendation | Boost Average Orders – SLI Systems


…oldest flour company in America. Its rich history was built on a passion for baking, and its products range from premium flour and mixes to kitchen tools and cookbooks. King Arthur flour uses SLI Learning Search™ to make sure visitors find everything they are…

Online E-commerce Merchandising Tools | SLI Systems


Online E-commerce Merchandising Tools | SLI Systems SLI Automated and Manual Merchandising Tools The Best of Both Worlds SLI’s merchandising tools provide online retailers with both the automated and manual tools to improve conversion rates and raise…


SEO Tools E-commerce Businesses Need


There are hundreds of SEO tools to choose from, but every business should start with two basics: Google Analytics (GA) and Webmaster Tools (WMT). For baseline measurement of your site traffic and SEO performance, not only should you have a GA account, along with…

Increase Positive SEO Signals and Reduce Negative Signals


My last blog outlined the main SEO tools that businesses need. Tools like Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, when set up correctly, help you monitor both the positive and negative factors that affect your site’s SEO. Positive signals to watch and improve…

June Newsletter – New Tools for Faster, User-Friendly Search


Our June newsletter contains details on some of our recent product enhancements that you may find useful.  Recent product improvements include the release of our Auto Complete feature (read the blog post The benefits of Auto Complete for more information), our redesigned…

eCommerce Podcasts

Hadley Reynolds from IDC - Podcast Transcript


…search is very similar to the language that people use when they're searching the web, and site search logs are one of the best keyword research tools out there for a search marketer. Hadley:  [30:24] Absolutely, absolutely. Shaun:  [30:26] Now you mentioned your…

Tim Parry from Multichannel Merchant - Podcast Transcript


…with you, you can look up whatever that information is on the Home Depot website, and get a little better idea of is this the tool you need, or is that the tool you need. [16:13] So I think that's huge, knowing that 28% of all holiday transactions are going…

Elizabeth Gross from Steiner Tractor - Podcast Transcript


…distribution facility. So, a large percentage of our parts, we own the rights to manufacture them essentially. We own the tooling, the molds, and the dies, and we ship that tooling to whatever factory we choose to contract with, and they produce the parts…



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