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Product Recommendation | Boost Average Orders – SLI Systems


…behavior. The result? Products that are a perfect fit and customers who shop for more. With SLI Learning Recommendations, it is seriously drag and drop. It was by far the most user friendly for us on a daily basis in order to use our time more efficiently. Kristen…

eCommerce Podcasts

Lee Brown from Online Golf - Podcast Transcript


…you do that rather than, say, drop ship them? Lee:  [5:56] We've got 7,000 products in stock, 7,000 different SKUs. Drop shipping is something that was discussed a lot when the work really started to get going. Ten years ago, everybody talked…

Alan Lim from Purely Gadgets - Podcast Transcript


…you seen a decrease in the number of orders or is it just that your growth has dropped off? Alan: [11:55] Growth has dropped off until July this year, after Lehman Brothers collapse. I am in UK and if you see sales drop 50% in one single month and…

Ben Kirshner from Coffee For Less - Podcast Transcript


…feel like spending $40 in dress socks. Shaun: [2:16] [laughs] Ben: [2:16] So it was a great alternative to get into a discount retailer. The shipping was fast. It was really an overall great experience with them. Shaun: [2:25] Excellent. Now Ben, can you give me…



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