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E-commerce Resources Learn practical e-commerce strategies and tactics from our rich library of e-commerce resources – blog posts, videos, guides, and more. Featured Resources: RESEARCH: E-commerce Performance Indicators & Confidence Report REPORT: Customer…


How To Keep Customers Engaged


As I discussed in my last post, “2012: The Year of the Tablet”, what’s hot in online retail this year seems to be trends that began bubbling up over the past several months. We already discussed ways to address the social and table crazes. Other popular…

More on Hybrid View – Driving and Converting Traffic


In my last post on list, grid and hybrid views, I discussed the pros and cons of list and grid views and offered a new alternative – the hybrid view for search and navigation pages, which takes the best of both and combines it into one. Today we’ll take the…

Don’t Leave Money on the Table, Part 2: Enhancements that Forge Stronger Customer Connections


In my last post, I offered some tips for improving the visitor experience at online retailing sites. To continue the discussion, below are some simple website enhancements that can help your customers find information they need more easily, and will likely lead to…

eCommerce Podcasts

George Eberstadt from TurnTo Networks - Podcast Transcript


…other people say, "Wow, this is just too hard for me to organize and work out who I want to post to." And I know when I did my first post on Google+, it was saying, "Which Circle do you want to post it to?" And I was like, "Uhh..." George:  [21…

Linda Bustos from Elastic Path - Podcast Transcript


…with the checkout, the point of friction happens in the log in screen. So there's many different ways you can approach optimizing that. [4:08] So my last post was talking about a frequent area that can be improved where somebody is typing in their log in ID…

Steve Groenier from Artbeads - Podcast Transcript


…traffic's coming from. [13:40] When we do a post and it gets 20,000, 30,000, 40,000 impressions and a significant number of clicks ‑ and we also look at the number of comments, that's a big indicator of how engaged people are ‑ then each of those posts has a…


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