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Corporate Site

SLI Systems Granted Auto Complete Patent


SLI Systems Granted Auto Complete Patent E-Commerce Site Search Auto-Complete Invention Learns From User Behavior To Suggest Relevant Results and Keywords as Shoppers Type SAN JOSE, Calif. – October 24, 2016 – SLI Systems (SLI.NZ), a global leader and provider of e…



…of abandonment Display relevant suggestions simultaneously as users type into the search box. Rich Auto Complete™ will even account for slang and misspelled words in search results Create customized banners that automatically trigger when customers…

Internet Retailer


…automatically brings smarter recommendations to more places on our site.”“When site search works well, people who use it buy more, they stay on our sites longer, and they convert at a higher rate. Site search is as important to us as layout and design and…


Small Steps Can Have a Big Impact on your Visitors’ Search Experience


We’re nearing the end of our weekly Site Search Tips series, with just two more weeks to go. However, you can always download our free Big Book of Site Search Tips to see all 80 suggestions for how to get the most out of your site search, for a bigger…

YouTube Search Suggestions


Last week You Tube announced that they will optionally show you search suggestions as you type. I really like this feature – it helps people formulate queries in an intuitive and familiar way. Most browsers have a similar functionality that will show previous…

Related search suggestions help visitors home in on products and content


…of quickly finding the products or content they need. However, visitors often struggle to figure out exactly what terms they should use in the search box. Auto Complete, which we’ve talked about in the past, shows suggestions as you type into the search<…

eCommerce Podcasts

Matt Konkle from FifthGear - Podcast Transcript


…we have seen our clients really move heavily back towards customer service. We think that's a very important trend, but that's not at all to suggest that our clients weren't concerned about treating their consumers, their customers with the highest of importance…

Jamin Arvig from WaterFilters.net - Podcast Transcript


…you? Jamin:  [10:00] You've got the standards that are out there. People use AdWords. We're using AdWords and different pay‑per‑click methods, search engine optimization, social media. Everything you can think of. We're out there using the best practices in the…

Dave Baird from Magnet Street - Podcast Transcript


…were able to go in and see with the term "magnet", what was being searched specifically, keywords that contain the word, "magnet." Shaun: [9:34] Right. Dave: [9:35] And it would tell you, right, how many times that's being searched a month. So all of a…



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