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Search Suggestions

Corporate Site

SLI Systems Renews Offer to Help Migrate Retailers Using Google Commerce Search to Its Full-Service Learning Search


…online retailers and other e-commerce sites. With offerings that include site search, navigation, merchandizing, product suggestion, mobile and user-generated SEO, SLI Systems is the most chosen SaaS-based site search provider to Internet Retailer Top…

SLI Systems Ranked #1 Cloud-based Search Provider to the IR Top 1000 Online Retailers


…Learning Search technology continually “learns” from past site search activity by tracking visitors’ aggregate search queries and click-throughs, so shoppers can quickly find what they are seeking. The company’s full set of features, including…

E-commerce Site Search Solutions | SLI Systems


Search® is powered by the SLI E-commerce Product Discovery Suite™, which uses a predictive analytic model to decipher data and correctly suggest what your shopper is most likely to buy right now. book a demo Turn Your Search Box into a Revenue Box…


YouTube Search Suggestions


Last week You Tube announced that they will optionally show you search suggestions as you type. I really like this feature – it helps people formulate queries in an intuitive and familiar way. Most browsers have a similar functionality that will show previous…

Related search suggestions help visitors home in on products and content


…of quickly finding the products or content they need. However, visitors often struggle to figure out exactly what terms they should use in the search box. Auto Complete, which we’ve talked about in the past, shows suggestions as you type into the search<…

eCommerce Podcasts

Dave Baird from Magnet Street - Podcast Transcript


…were able to go in and see with the term "magnet", what was being searched specifically, keywords that contain the word, "magnet." Shaun: [9:34] Right. Dave: [9:35] And it would tell you, right, how many times that's being searched a month. So all of a…

Raj Lahoti of Online Guru - Podcast Transcript


…Or whatever, where the search is becoming more and more as the first step. [21:56] Some of the search engines, though, once the person searches, and then they start saying, OK here's some related searches and maybe suggest this. Here are…

Tim Ash from Site Tuners - Podcast Transcript


…specializes in site search. You can go to site search, and often that's going to be one of your best clues for what's broken with your site and what you can fix. And often, you'll see people typing in terms. And they're typing them in not just because they…



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