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Corporate Site

Big Book of Navigation Tips


Guide to E-commerce Website Navigation Design Well-designed e-commerce website navigation leads shoppers straight to the items they want. The shorter the time they are browsing, the faster they will buy. You don’t want your visitors to fall into even a second of frustration, or…

The Ultimate Guide to E-commerce SEO


…where you want to go with SEO and provides the main steps to get there. Topics covered include: The SEO-driven revenue most retailers miss out on Six steps to improving the SEO of your e-commerce site Why you need to pay attention to the changing SEO

How to Automate Ecommerce SEO Webinar


…Join SLI’s experts, Shaun Ryan and Bob Angus to find out more in this ecommerce SEO webinar. You’ll learn: How artificial intelligence can automatically improve your long-tail SEO How to automate your SEO performance with less effort How to increase…


SEO Tools E-commerce Businesses Need


There are hundreds of SEO tools to choose from, but every business should start with two basics: Google Analytics (GA) and Webmaster Tools (WMT). For baseline measurement of your site traffic and SEO performance, not only should you have a GA account, along with…

The 2015 Guide for Improving E-commerce SEO


…or e-commerce professional, your goal is to produce more revenue. You want site traffic that is high in quantity, but also in quality – you need it to convert. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is just one practice out of many in your tool belt. Unless SEO is…

Improve SEO with User-friendly URLs


…well-ranking webpages and them having user friendly URLs. Therefore, improving your site’s URLs is one of many simple ways you can optimize your SEO. Just follow these guidelines: Identify the Top Keywords to Use – In the actual URL, use keywords that summarize the…

eCommerce Podcasts

Jason Marrone from Jelly Belly


…increase online revenue. Jason talks about the "biggest pieces" that have drastically improved the Jelly Belly website including merchandizing, SEO and site search. Keeping up with ecommerce practises is becoming increasingly challenging for online retailers due to…

Jason Marrone from Jelly Belly - Podcast Transcript


…hear. Now, for your SEO changes that you made, did you get advice or did you just learn about that through what you could online? How do you go about finding out about what you need to do there? Jason: [12:52] We did not bring in any third parties to help us with…

Gil Levy from Ecommerce Partners - Podcast Transcript


…shop. [7:29] So we do from strategy, design and development, hosting, maintenance, and what I call post launch services, such as support, monitoring, SEO, SEM, Social, affiliates, and everything like AB testing, multi‑variant testing. What our strength that is from…



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