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Predict More Sales with Personalization Webinar


Predict More Sales with Personalization Webinar A personalized customer experience is a powerful way to increase conversion rates. Just think how big your sales could grow if you could show shoppers what they are most likely to buy. But it’s never that easy to deliver.…

Webinar: How to Compete with Amazon


Webinar: How to Compete with Amazon 47 million people are members of Amazon Prime, and their 2015 holiday shopping activities tell us a lot about what is working works (and what isn’t) in online retail. Amazon unwrapped new features, functions and offers to keep…

Upcoming Webinars


…Look Demo Signup » Upcoming Webinars Power Conversions with Predictive Commerce Shoppers can’t buy what they can’t find. The opportunity to grow your revenues by presenting the right product at the right time exists through the whole buying journey. Past


How to Drive Sales from Popular Search Engines


…on this topic at IRCE 2014 at the E-commerce Accelerator Theater, Booth #601. Catch his presentation at 2 p.m. Wednesday, June 11, or at 11 a.m. Thursday, June 12. View other Theater information here. I recently did a webinar about how online retailers can increase…

Amazon & You: How to Win


…sponsored the Internet Retailer webinar Amazon & You: Top New Competitive Strategies for 2016. eShopportunity founder Fahim Naim and Medelita CMO Dan Stephchew took a look at what is emerging as the best ways for online retailers to compete with Amazon. The

Join Tomorrow’s Webinar with Folica!


The best eCommerce websites understand the needs and buying behaviors of their customers. In the case of hair care and beauty products, shopping for the right product is very personal. Whether considering hair type, brand, or treatments being sought, being able to quickly sift…

eCommerce Podcasts

Webinar: It's Not Too Late to Seize the Season


Last week, SLI Systems recorded a webinar with presenter Sue Aldrich, Senior Vice President of Patricia Seybold Group. Sue discusses how ecommerce companies can improve their websites for the holiday shopping season. She explains what's hot for consumers this holiday from…

Larry Joseloff from Shop.org - Podcast Transcript


…content that is presented to our members and that can take many forms. The blog is one part of it, which is blog.shop.org. The webinar series; we had about 10 webinars this year. Most of our work is with the events. We have actually five events every year -…

Sascha Deri from Alternative Energy Store - Podcast Transcript


…renewable energy. [9:01] We now provide webinars, which are entry level webinars on all the different technology. We support wind, solar air heating, solar water hearing, solar electric systems and just general real energy basics. We now provide those



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