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Ajax Search

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Corporate Site

Renowned Search and Usability Expert Dr. Shaun Ryan Leads Three-part Webinar Series on Fundamentals of Site Search and Navigation


…basic elements of site search that will lead customers to find and purchase the right products quickly. Ryan will also share industry best practices on how to make search results relevant, and discuss some of the latest trends and developments, including

SLI Systems Joins hybris Extend Marketplace


…and Site Search for Mobile Devices – in a multitude of languages, including English, French and German, as well as languages not using Western character sets, such as Russian, Arabic and Japanese. Online retailers can also take advantage of SLI’s Rich Auto Complete…

SLI Systems and LED Hut Unite to Accelerate Cross Border Trading and Boost Business Growth


…Learning Search Connect site search plug-in utilises a retailer’s data feed to index the full catalogue of online product data and content and creates customisable site search pages that are consistent with the retail site’s look and feel. With…


Introducing Ajax Search: No Page Reloads, Faster Results


…sites. At the same time, consumers want more rich features that can, consequently, slow down their sites’ performance if not implemented correctly. I’m excited to introduce our new Learning Search with AJAX, which addresses both of these issues. Our Learning…

eCommerce Podcasts

Bliss Dake from Mighty Leaf Tea - Podcast Transcript


…We use AJAX technology to go to product pages and add things to your cart on the fly, a more streamlined checkout solution, and really a variety of different things. Search is obviously a big one as well. We really did not have a sophisticated search

Bill Cronin of Vermont Teddy Bear - Podcast Transcript


…information provided by the SLI search. We do send that information off to our search marketing partners. Shaun : [06:18] Yeah. Oh, that's great. I think the terms that people use on site search are obviously very related to the terms people use when…

Alan Trzuskoski from Abe's of Maine - Podcast Transcript


…by the Ajax? Alan:  [14:00] Sure. Well, Ajax is ‑ you might know a little bit more about ‑ but it's basically a new coding style so that the whole page does not have to reload. Instead only portions of the content within the page reload. So, if you were on…


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