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Bounce Rate

Corporate Site

MyWorkwear Improves Conversion Rate and Average Order Value with Full-service Site Search from SLI Systems


…32 seconds, compared to 2 minutes 59 seconds for visitors who don’t use search. In addition, the site’s bounce rate for visitors who use site search is just under 14%, while the bounce rate for visitors who don’t use site search is about 31%. …

Outdoor Megastore See Higher Conversion Rate with Full-service Site Search and Navigation from SLI Systems


…and did not suggest alternative products or allow shoppers to refine searches. Because of these limitations the online retail site’s bounce rate was higher than desired, and Outdoor Megastore were losing sales. On top of all this, customers who responded to…

Site Champion® Product Brochure


…increased keyword rankings using SEO automation. Automate Your Long-tail SEO Strategy Rank Higher in Search Results Reduce Your Bounce Rate & Increase Sales Download the Site Champion® Product Brochure hbspt.forms.create({ portalId: 3493335, formId: …

eCommerce Podcasts

Jason Marrone from Jelly Belly - Podcast Transcript


…will be facing the same thing there. Shaun: [25:59] Yes. If the trend is anything to go by, online it is still going to be increasing at a faster rate. Jason: [26:09] Yes. Shaun: [26:10] It should be increasing, in any case it will be outperforming the rest of…

Larry Kavanagh from DMinSITE - Podcast Transcript


…actually opening the message, are they clicking on the message? [13:23] And if they are not, then the ISPs are saying, "If you are below a certain rate, if less than X percentage of people are opening and clicking then we think your email must not be that relevant…



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