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Corporate Site

Learning Search Connect for Magento


Learning Search Connect for Magento SLI LSC-M1 Extension Admin User Interface LSC-M1 Extension Attribute Selection SLI Search Merchandizing and Reporting for Magento 1 SLI Search Experience for Magento 1 SLI Learning Search Experience with Merchandizing for Magento SLI…

SLI Solutions for Magento Product Brochure


Get the SLI Solutions for Magento Product Brochure Superior Site Search for Your Magento Store SLI Learning Search Connect™ helps site visitors find what they want to buy quickly and easily, driving sales and greater customer loyalty. What more could you ask for? Improved…

E-commerce Performance Indicators & Confidence (EPIC) Report Finds 91% of Retailers Expect Online Revenue Growth this Year with Increased Focus on Personalization, Mobile and Customer Experience


…SLI Systems.  “Online revenues are increasing, but it takes a focus on the shopper’s experience and the myriad of ways people find your brand and connect with your products to make it happen.” H1 2018 EPIC Report results are from an electronic survey compiled in…


Holiday E-commerce & Personalization Among Top Themes at SLI Connect


…about the many benefits of face-to-face meetings, and after our inaugural SLI Connect event in Seattle earlier this month, I can affirm the immense value of gathering our customers together in one place. SLI Connect provided a full day of retailer…

How Connection Links to Conversion: Converting the Shoppers of Today Into the Buyers of the Future Requires a New Twist


Artificial intelligence was once an aberration found in the most sinister of sci-fi novels and cinema – how could you ever forget Hal? Today, AI is a part of our everyday lives and even invisible to most of us. There is big business in what many believe is predictive…

Get Face-to-Face with E-Commerce Peers at SLI Connect


Technology allows us to connect with anyone anywhere more easily than ever before, but there’s still something special about face-to-face meetings. The quality of communication is better when you meet someone physically, and that enhanced connection continues long…

eCommerce Podcasts

Chris Reighley from Totes/ISOTONER


…Totes/Isotoner a manufacturer and seller of rain and cold weather products. Chris discusses how having an online presence has helped them to better connect with their customers and to gain valuable feedback to improve their business. Over the past 2 years, their…

Keith Bergstrom from Prestwick House


…Prestwick House sells its books and teaching guides online as well as via a print catalog. In the discussion Shaun and Keith talk about how to connect with customers using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Tune in to find out more!   Length 16 mins and…

Alan Trzuskoski from Abe's of Maine


…of consumer electronics. Listen in as Shaun and Alan discuss tactics that improve the browsing experience for online shoppers, and to help connect shoppers to products faster. For instance, the Abe’s of Maine site will soon add personalization to home and product…



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