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Data Feed

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…the customization Ensuring our global data center deployments are performance-based Serving as a site champion Here to Help We are committed to supporting SLI customers with a better deployment and operating experience. Since we perform all the data feed<…

Magento E-commerce Extensions | SLI Systems


…Magento Catalog Learning Search Connect automatically generates a data feed from Magento and sends it to SLI to create custom search results pages that are consistent with your retail site’s look and feel. Enables Scheduled Feed Creation and Transfer…

E-commerce Platform Plugins


…artificial intelligence technology with your E-commerce platform. This dedicated e-commerce plugin streamlines the process of generating a data feed and design templates so you can take advantage of the SLI suite of E-commerce apps including: Learning Search…

eCommerce Podcasts

George Michie from The Rimm Kaufman Group - Podcast Transcript


…mark for ourselves in the industry by being very, very data focused. Our blog is pretty heavily read by folks in the industry, mostly our competitors, but that's OK. We drive by the numbers. We're pretty transparent about how we see the data. I think where…

George Eberstadt from TurnTo Networks - Podcast Transcript


…finds it and answers it, and maybe it gets answered probably much later or maybe never? Our secret sauce is integrating with the actual transaction data set of the store, which enables us to take that question and email it to people who actually bought the items…

Keith Bergstrom from Prestwick House - Podcast Transcript


…One, which is the small/medium‑sized part of SAP. [13:11] We've been working with a couple of partners trying to figure out the best way to feed a stream of data back into our database without making everything upset. That, on a day‑to‑day basis, is a little…

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