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Corporate Site

SLI Systems Acquired by Avolin


…with multichannel inventory management, retailers are better positioned than ever to maximize sales, optimize product ranges and create the ideal stock position for their entire retail model. “With a dedicated focus on the retail supply chain cloud, I’m delighted…

SLI Systems Announces Dynamic Product Banners


…percent increase in conversion rate. “Product pages that rank high in various search engines sometimes show products that are discontinued or out of stock, causing visitors to bounce,” said Blair Cassidy, vice president of product management for SLI Systems. “With…

Investor Relations


…of the world’s top e-commerce retailers. Download our Corporate Overview for more information. SLI Systems listed on the NZ Stock Exchange (NZX) on May 31, 2013 under the stock symbol of SLI. For current share price information visit the NZX. Reports Annual…


Using the ‘No Results’ Page to Your Best Advantage


…search term results in a rendered ‘Search Results’ page. In fact, many terms site visitors search for will return a ‘No Results’ page for a variety of reasons. For example, a site visitor could be searching for beluga caviar on a gourmet food site, and the site is either…

The Ins and Outs of Using Product Stock Status in Site Search


In stock or not? In the old days, shoppers had to add an item to their cart to answer this question. As e-commerce technology evolved, the stock status of a product became readily available on the product detail page and in many cases even migrated up to category…

Stock Levels and Site Search


…factor to consider when building a brilliant site search is how stock levels should impact the search. A great search should deliver a product that the searcher wants to buy and that the retailer wants to sell. But what if that product is out of stock or low…

eCommerce Podcasts

Lee Brown from Online Golf - Podcast Transcript


…warehouse where you keep a lot of your product and stock. Lee:  [5:48] Yes, we do. Shaun:  [5:49] How many products do you have in stock, and why do you do that rather than, say, drop ship them? Lee:  [5:56] We've got 7,000 products in stock, 7,000…

Tim Parry from Multichannel Merchant - Podcast Transcript


…bad with the good. That also helps on the operations side as well, because when the buyers are deciding, "OK, what products do we want to have in stock next year?" If they see that for instance, a crock‑pot that's being sold in Macy's gets two stars, and it turns…

Bill Cronin of Vermont Teddy Bear - Podcast Transcript


…with it. We do a little bit of AJAX‑like things to provide real‑time availability of our products, so people can't order things that our out of stock. We've done that for both PajamaGram and Vermont Teddy Bear. Shaun : [09:13] Wow. So you guys have quite a bit of…



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