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…December 2013 Presentation on results to 30 October 2013 Notice of Annual Meeting October 2013 Foundational Documents SLI Share Options Protocol SLI Systems Share Option Plan Prospectus Securities Trading Policies and Guidelines Investment Statement…

eCommerce Podcasts

Ian MacDonald from Century Novelty - Podcast Transcript


…That makes a lot of sense. You're going to have a busy year. Ian: [28:10] We always do. [laughs] Although that's the plan, that's the plan. Shaun: [28:15] That is the plan. That's definitely going to keep you busy. Ian: [28:19] Tell me, how do you…

Bill Cronin of Vermont Teddy Bear - Podcast Transcript


…on the page. A great example of that is for PajamaGram. We'll offer several different options for a product and one of those options could be, for example, if someone wants personalization, they have the option to choose either a name or a monogram.…

Tim Parry from Multichannel Merchant - Podcast Transcript


…of my spring, making sure that the entries are all taken care of, the judges that we select are all getting their assignments done, right down to planning the actual awards, the awards luncheon and awards ceremony as well. So it's pretty exciting. It's not a…

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