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…RAC, Learning Navigation and other SLI Systems products. The supervised engine runs against one of the largest training sets of online retail data in the world. The size of the training set is a key ML success variable, allowing SLI customers to realize the…

Suttons Seeds


…easy implementation of Learning Search™, resulted in rapid and easy setup process. Steve Newman, e-Commerce Manager at Suttons Seeds, says: “the training and support from SLI is exemplary and quick with no issues at all, which makes a good relationship easy to…

SLI Systems Reports Strong FY 2014 Revenue Growth; Demand Remains Robust


…90%, largely in line with our IPO forecast of 91% and our historical retention rates. “We have taken steps to reinforce our recruitment and sales training capabilities. Our marketing team is now up to full strength and we are beginning to see the benefits of the…


4 Things Retailers Should Learn from Pokemon Go


…smart phones while walking through neighborhoods or strip malls this weekend, it wasn’t just your imagination – it was Pokemon Go, the new augmented reality game that uses location-based technology to allow users to catch, train and battle with Pokemon as they walk…

Make Search Make Sense


Optimizing site search is hard—as is training staff, increasing conversion rates and maintaining retention. The good news is that with properly configured search support, we can gather and act on actual and trend information to better tailor the customer experience. We can…

Technical Ability Matters – Don’t Overlook Advanced Site Search


Changing to a new eCommerce platform is a huge investment, not only in dollars, but time spent integrating your site and training your team on the new features and functions. When you’ve just spent so much time and money upgrading to a new platform, it’s easy to see how…

eCommerce Podcasts

Sascha Deri from Alternative Energy Store - Podcast Transcript


… [2:06] So, Sascha, can you give me some background about yourself? How did you get to be where you are today? Sascha:  [2:11] Sure. My academic training, I'm an engineer and a physics major; electrical engineering and physics. I've always been interested in ways…

Aaron Magness from Zappos - Podcast Transcript


…mindset for the culture and what we're trying to accomplish. [2:16] So my first four weeks, everyone's first four weeks they go into a training, and the training is set up for call center associates. So you learn company history, you learn about our core…

Josh Hansen from Hansen Surf - Podcast Transcript


…a lot of companies out there, maybe because of their size, aren't able to really optimize on a product level, on a category level, and so we've trained our team to just understand the basic fundamentals of optimization. I do have a guy, a resource outside of our…


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