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E-commerce is all about turning shoppers into buyers. Personalize the shopping experience by presenting the products each shopper is mostly likely to buy now.

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Maximize average order value and repeat business with AI-driven recommendations, category pages and merchandising tools.

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Optimize organic search results with automated landing pages based on search terms shoppers most frequently use on your store.

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SLI Systems E-commerce Research & Tools

The SLI E-commerce Performance Indicators and Confidence (EPIC) Report contains current data on e-commerce revenue trends, top initiatives of leading online retailers, key technology trends affecting e-commerce and more.

Ultimate Guide to the Newest E-commerce Merchandising Techniques

E-commerce merchandising has one goal in mind – connect shoppers with the right products so they “Add to Cart” fast. Learn what the latest customer-focused E-Commerce merchandising strategies are in this new e-book.

Performance, Aesthetics, Relevance Checklist

The P.A.R. Checklist gives you 14 best practices to create shopper experiences that drive results.
Accelerate the path to purchase and delight your customers.

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E-commerce Performance Indicators & Confidence Report

Glue Store, a leading local and international cutting-edge fashion retailer, today strengthens its partnership with SLI Systems – global leader and provider of cloud-based, AI-powered e-commerce solutions and services – with the adoption of real-time personalization.

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SLI Systems Product Discovery & Promotions Suite

SLI Systems offers a comprehensive suite of E-Commerce product discovery and merchandising tools. From site search through personalization and long-tail SEO, SLI solutions are designed to drive your business to the next level.