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Corporate Site

SLI Systems Site Visitor Privacy Policy


…the relevant company in the SLI group of companies responsible for processing your data. Where we collect and process personal data relating to employees, agents, officers, workers and contractors of our customers, those of our commercial partners and visitors to…

SLI Systems Celebrates 45% Growth in UK E-Commerce Industry


…recent Annual Report, and employee growth convey the positive momentum the company is experiencing in the UK e-commerce industry and reveal how SLI’s market-leading, site-search technology accelerates sales on internet retailers’ sites. Beyond financial and

SLI Systems Sees Strong Sales Momentum among Large Enterprise Clients and Online Retailers


…on its www.lakeshorelearning.com website.” SLI has also made significant staffing additions to support the company’s growth, and now has 131 employees, according to Ryan. “The focus of our hiring has been on recruiting sales and marketing staff, including market…


Facebook Announces IPO! Learn How Retailers Are Cashing In On Facebook’s Success


…with news of the Facebook IPO. Much of the news seemed to focus around Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth and the new crop of millionaires that will be made out of Facebook employees.  Silicon Valley exotic car dealers and real estate agents have probably been lined…

On a completely different thread


…on its all-things knitting ecommerce site Yarn.com. Aside from strengthening its online brand visibility and improving the customer experience, WEBS has discovered another benefit to an effective site search solution – more productive employees. According to owner…

Interview with Aaron Magness from Zappos


…with Aaron Magness, the Business Development Manager from Zappos. Aaron talks about the approach Zappos takes to customer service and it particularly resonated with me. One of the ways that Zappos ensures that every employee is focused on customer service is by…

eCommerce Podcasts

George Michie from The Rimm Kaufman Group - Podcast Transcript


…the early days as a start‑up company, we were willing to do pretty much anything. [4:40] There's a funny anecdote, if I can share, where our first employee took a phone call that turned out to be a wrong number. But he turned to me and said, "Do you all build decks…

Mark Dirks from Beacon Technologies - Podcast Transcript


…'90s, when intranets were not real popular, at that point. We felt like, at AT&T, we were on the leading edge. It was for all 150, 000 employees, at that time, so it was a pretty big deal. Shaun: It must have been. Was it browser-based, then? Mark: Yeah. My…

Laura Santos from Envelopes.com - Podcast Transcript


…to everything is now Envelopes.com, as far as branding and our marketing initiatives. It's a small, privately owned company. We have about 50 employees and we're growing every day. Shaun:  [4:37] Envelopes.com is a pretty good domain name. Have you always had that,…



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