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Global Fashion Retail Brand Boden Puts Focus on Search and Navigation for Traditional and Mobile E-commerce Sites


…bottom line.” Continued Growth in Online Fashion Retail Drives Innovative Usability Features Boden’s efforts to bolster its international online presence and enhance web-based shopping and browsing are largely in response to the continued growth the fashion

Caché.com VP of eCommerce Joins SLI Systems CEO at IRWD to Discuss Developing an Effective Site Search and Refinements Strategy


…driving revenues.” “The fashion industry often leads the way when it comes to using innovative features on eCommerce sites,” said Kevin Metz, VP of marketing for Caché.com. “As Shaun and I will explain in our session, search refinements can encourage customers to…

Glue Store partners with SLI Systems to offer an AI-powered personalised online experience this Holiday Season


…has been at the forefront of youth-oriented fast fashion and a trusted retailer in Australia for two decades. Known as the home of brands, Glue Store is the one-stop shop for major labels like Stussy, Nike, adidas and Calvin Klein. Australian fashion


What Retailers Can Learn from Fashion Brands – Pt. 2


In part 1 of this series, I discussed our new study of the fashion industry and how apparel, beauty and accessories brands are pushing the envelope on search and merchandising. Today I’ll show you a few specific examples that demonstrate how these brands are…

What Online Retailers Can Learn from Fashion Brands


We just released the results of a recent study we conducted among several fashion, accessories, and beauty sites, about how they approach the online user experience (download it here). Understanding that fashion and apparel brands tend to be on the cutting-edge of…

The Fashion Industry: Looking Sharp Being Smart


During the internet boom/bust years companies such as boo.com were criticised for trying to sell apparel online. Common opinion was that the internet wasn’t mature enough and business models (or execution thereof) were not robust enough to cope with the notion of selling clothes…

eCommerce Podcasts

Justus Wilde from Amblique - Transcript


…not in the fashion category. Matt Blatt is a furniture retailer that we do a lot of work with. It's quite an interesting one, too. Shaun:  [5:55] Great. So predominantly fashion, but a few a customers outside of that as well. Justus:  [6:00] Yeah, and we're…

Laura Santos from Envelopes.com - Podcast Transcript


…have been an eBay purchase. Shaun:  [0:47] Very good. What were you studying? Laura:  [0:51] I majored in Business Administration and as well as Fashion. Shaun:  [0:56] OK, excellent. How about your most recent purchase, what was that? Laura:  [1:03] My most recent…

Erin Kriessmann from Title Nine - Podcast Transcript


…that are breathable and don't wrinkle; that are wash-and-wear. It's very functional, easy clothing. Shaun: [5:10] So, you put function over fashion. While fashion is still important, it's got to be functional. Erin: [5:16] That's a very fair statement, and…



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