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Sli Case Studies

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Mobile Ecommerce Solutions | SLI Systems


SLI Mobile™ is quick and painless to implement, but if you’ve got questions, we’ve got your back every step of the way. book a demo More About SLI Mobile™ Download our SLI Mobile™ product brief to find out how we help your Download brochure…

E-commerce Site Search Solutions | SLI Systems


…for your e-commerce business. Download brochure Closet London - Case Study Closet’s original website only had standard text search and customers were not buying. See how SLI helped them achieve better results. See Case Study Site Search …



…making it easy to promote products to different types of customers, SLI drove a 6x increase in conversions for Everlast. The boxing company credits SLI with bringing in at least 10% of the site’s revenue. Read More DOWNLOAD PDF SEE MORE CASE


Fighting for Better E-commerce, Everlast Finds Its “Big Win” in SLI


Each time I interview an SLI customer for a case study, it’s a privilege to hear firsthand how our solutions make a significant impact on retailers’ growth. One of my most recent interviews was with Everlast E-commerce Director Mike Ebert, who told me that…

eCommerce Podcasts

George Michie from The Rimm Kaufman Group - Podcast Transcript


…We reached out to people we knew and sent them basically our resume and said, "OK, please trust us, even though we don't have a whole lot of case studies to show you of having done this well." [8:50] It built from there. It wasn't until a couple of years ago…

Kent Allen from The Research Trust - Podcast Transcript


…to watch and, I still think back to some of the first research studies and some of the white papers that we've done, and at that time we really just were simply making the case for ecommerce in general. It's all about making the case for social and…

Emma Bonar from Karen Millen - Podcast Transcript


Back to EcommercePodcast.com Shaun Ryan:  [0:04] Hi, I'm Shaun Ryan from SLI Systems, and this is the Ecommerce Podcast. Today, I'm talking to Emma Bonar from Karen Millen in the U.K. Welcome, Emma. Emma Bonar:  [0:13] Hi. Shaun:  [0:15] Now, Emma, the traditional question…



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