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Big Data

Corporate Site

Site Search Vs. Replatforming: FitCommerce White Paper


How to Make Replatforming Better with Site Search Replatforming your online store can create big sales upside for you. And today, big financial gains are a must. But you need to justify your investment of time and dollars. Plus, you need to mitigate the customer…

E-commerce Performance Indicators & Confidence (EPIC) Report Finds 65% of Retailers Sell on Amazon to Increase Sales, Yet Worry Amazon Will Use Their Data to Compete


…Confidence (EPIC) Report Finds 65% of Retailers Sell on Amazon to Increase Sales, Yet Worry Amazon Will Use Their Data to Compete SLI Systems Q2 2017 Study Shows Mid-Size Retailers Expect Big Increases in Mobile and Online Revenues; 24% in U.S. Plan to Open…

Big Data E-commerce Infrastructure


Big Data E-commerce Infrastructure Multi-level Redundant Big Data E-commerce Infrastructure We take big data analytics for e-commerce seriously. SLI Systems’ reputation of high performance and proven uptime is backed by redundant…


Site Search Reporting Offers a Goldmine of Data


…site search but you’re not looking at your site search reports, you could be missing out on more opportunities to improve the customer experience. In our “Big Book of Site Search Tips” (available for free download at http://blog.sli-systems.com/whitepaper/bigbook),…

A New Look at the Shopper Journey – Introducing the SLI Dashboard


“Big data” is all the buzz. It’s a challenge to merchants and data providers alike. Complex calculations on large volumes of data can be fascinating to a programmer. But these aren’t just numbers – they represent real-life actions of people on a…

eCommerce Podcasts

George Eberstadt from TurnTo Networks - Podcast Transcript


…[2:05] Yeah. I've been doing startups since '97. I was a management consultant before that. And then in '97 I was consulting to these big businesses on big business questions, and all around me it seemed like there was much more exciting stuff going on. And…

Chris Reighley from Totes/ISOTONER - Podcast Transcript


…specific sites for Asia. So, that's sort of the infrastructure. We've got a big, big ‑‑ two of our big focuses coming up this year is really mobile and really what we call our mobile 2.0 where we're seeing such a big adoption of mobile as a…

Gray Ingram from The Diamond Store - Podcast Transcript


…you were going to ask me that. I was just about to say it and I can't even remember. It wasn't Amazon, but it was another big online, it wasn't play.com either, but it was a big online DVD retailer. [1:47] And I don't know how they have this film in DVD; I…


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