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Machine Learning

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…other trends affect that behavior. So, it’s critical that product presentation evolve equally quickly in response to those changes. The machine learning engine that powers the SLI Product Discovery Suite does exactly that for SLI powered stores. The best way…

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…the policies in this privacy policy and data subject rights under the Privacy Shield Principles, the Privacy Shield Principles shall govern. To learn more about the Privacy Shield program, and to view our certification page, please visit https://www.privacyshield…



…have even been in business. We use three types of machine learning to optimize customer conversion, AOV and customer retention:Unsupervised machine learningSupervised machine learningReinforcement learning Through unsupervised machine…


Make Search Make Sense


…conversion rates and maintaining retention. The good news is that with properly configured search support, we can gather and act on actual and trend information to better tailor the customer experience. We can also begin to source machine learning and AI to…

eCommerce Podcasts

Gil Levy from Ecommerce Partners - Podcast Transcript


…production in a tank recovering. [3:07] I was really doing all kinds of scheduling and forecasting and everything. That totally fit into what I learned there. I came to New York on a trip. One thing led to another. I'm here for the last 18 years. And I end up where…

Hadley Reynolds from IDC - Podcast Transcript


…[14:43] It's not that they don't get a lot of traffic, but when you start adding up all the other sites that are important to people and that they've learned how to go to directly, there's a tremendous amount of business that gets done and traffic that happens…

Ben Kirshner from Coffee For Less - Podcast Transcript


…service, so it's a type of service where you're in an office. They deliver the cream, the sugar, the hot chocolate, the cups, the stirrers, and the machine - of course, the equipment. When it breaks, you call them, they come and fix it. It's a very service-based…



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