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Corporate Site

SLI Systems Brings Mobile Site Search to Growing Number of Online Retailers; Enriches Mobile Offering with Enhanced Usability


…to better understand overall mobile site traffic by tracking page views, visitors, transactions and revenue. Multivariate Testing: gives retailers the ability to test different versions of the mobile site design or content against each other and receive real…

Online E-commerce Merchandising Tools | SLI Systems


…search and navigation results to be presented to shoppers based on geography, shopper attributes, or device. It also includes Product Impact Testing that allows merchandisers to place new or potentially high impact products “above the fold” to promote visibility…

42% of E-commerce Leaders Surveyed by SLI Expect 30% or More of Holiday Sales to Come from Mobile


…expanded its mobile-friendliness ranking signal that rewards mobile-friendly sites with higher search rankings and demotes those that fail its test. SLI asked “To what extent did ‘Mobilegeddon’ affect your site’s mobile search ranking?” and found the impact has…


Checklist for a Holiday-Ready E-commerce Site


…retailers are fine-tuning their sites in preparation for Black Friday. Here’s a quick checklist to help make your 2014 Holiday Season brighter by gauging your site’s readiness. I’ve included several tips and tools for testing that have worked well for me in the…

Maximize Revenue with Enhanced Product Impact Testing


Conventional wisdom (and Google data says that content that appears “above-the-fold” on a web page is almost twice as likely to be seen than content that the user must scroll to see.

A/B Testing and Why You Should Do It


A/B testing is one of the most important things you should be doing for your eCommerce site. In eCommerce, your site’s layout, design and feature set are a crucial part of the product – not just the physical products you sell. Yet many businesses don’t place high…

eCommerce Podcasts

Pat Pepe from West Florida Components - Podcast Transcript


…of testing here and there to see what's working and what's not working. We've always tried to keep our site very simple, because we know that if someone is coming to our site, they are there to look for specific parts. [11:02] We just try to give them what they…

Grant Arnott from Power Retail - Podcast Transcript


…was talking reinvention. There's no one that's clinging to the traditional model of, "No, this is the way of the future," or "This will stand the test of time and prevail over all this ecommerce stuff." They're fully cognizant now of the need to move to an omni…

Tim Ash from Site Tuners - Podcast Transcript


…at it is everything is non intuitive. If you've tested something in the past in another context, test it again in this context because the audience is different, the traffic sources, or the fact that two years have gone by since you did your last test.



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