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Platforms Magento Commerce is the leading platform for open commerce innovation. More than 240,000 businesses worldwide transact over $50B in gross merchandise volume on the platform. Magento was recognized as the leading eCommerce platform to the 2015…

E-commerce Platform Plugins


E-commerce Platform Plugins SLI Goes Hand-in-Hand with Magento E-commerce Solution Get your e-commerce site up and running with SLI Learning Search Connect e-commerce website plugin. Learning Search Connect is an e-commerce plugin built for the latest version of Magento…

SLI Systems Acquired by Avolin


…cloud-based search platform that allows retailers to convert browsing into buying through product recommendations, using sophisticated machine learning to predict what each shopper is most likely to buy in a given moment, and MyAlerts is a content personalization …


9 Factors to Consider When Evaluating E-commerce Platforms


…experiences, one-click ordering, and apps that serve up lightning-fast and highly relevant user experiences. This progression has fueled shifts in buyer behavior and an evolution in the best e-commerce platforms. Today, buyers expect brands to deliver more. And e…

Don’t Miss our Re-platforming Webinar Tomorrow


…just starting out may not have the budget or need for a large, full-service platform. Because of this, they may choose an eCommerce platform that works for them at the time. But as companies grow, the original platform they started with may not fit…

Strategies for Comprehensive E-commerce Merchandising


In today’s e-commerce landscape, setting your products apart from the competition is vital to creating brand awareness and loyalty. Using a platform that your e-commerce merchandising team can leverage to spread product awareness will ultimately increase your sales and…

eCommerce Podcasts

Matt Konkle from FifthGear - Podcast Transcript


…Gear. What exactly do you guys do? There's obviously some fulfillment there. Matt:  [03:30] We really aspire first and foremost to be the growth platform for a direct‑to‑consumer merchant. And what that really consists of is the full operational and technology…

Brian Walker from Forrester - Podcast Transcript


…what is the best fit for a particular company. Do you have some sort of comments on who the leading platforms are or the types of issues people see when they're selecting an e-commerce platform? Brian: [5:48] Yeah. I think there are a variety of different…

Grant Arnott from Power Retail - Podcast Transcript


…a couple of years ago, it would be fair to say that if you had a decent ecommerce platform in Australia, you had a competitive advantage. But I think we're now moving to a point where a decent ecommerce platform is a ticket to the game, and the competitive…



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